Just to find out what others think that may not know ...


When I came to this website I was excited to read everyone's point of view - serious and not-so-serious.


However, recently part of the discussion on one of the topics left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not sure I want to come back.


Free speak and all that ... but closed minds and racism?




Yes it was an 'odd' discussion but am I the only one who thinks like I do?


Hopefully NOT.

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I don't know if you're old enough to remember that guy who did the 7-Up commercials. That was back in the days when 7-Up was the "un-cola". He was a hairless, Caribbean, black man.

Ha ha ha. I totally remember him (but I know you were asking T A A). I'm just commenting.

I guess I might as well comment on the thread topic while I'm at it.

I'll just say I have enjoyed this thread very much and want to thank everybody for their participation. I have been doing a lot of reading at this forum but not much commenting. I am learning so much. This forum is like a good book you can't put down!

I'm caucasion with some native American ancestory. Generally, I am not attracted to black men and I never really put a lot of thought into it but I can see how my attitutde might be perceived as "possibly" having some racist component but maybe more subconsciously? I guess that can be a can of worms. I mean no white person wants to admit they might have "subconsicous racist attitude" when they don't view themselves as being racists. Especially not me! But the thought does cross my mind every now and then. Just sayin.

I have never ruled out that I might fall in love with a black man some day even though I find I am not generally attracted to them. I am the kind of person who falls in love with the personality and the essense of a person and then the sexual attraction follows in some cases (not in all). Sometimes it can be the other way around.

I mean yeah, I see Denzel Washington on TV and think "how very handomse he is" but walking around in everyday life - I rarely have such thoughts when I see black men (God I feel so mean saying that). I really really don't want to offend anybody, just being honest (mabye too honest).
That's the closest yet that anyone has come to showing that preference can possibly be racist. Good points.

Thanks Neal. I'll take that as a compliment (I think) lol.
I don't know if you're old enough to remember that guy who did the 7-Up commercials. That was back in the days when 7-Up was the "un-cola". He was a hairless, Caribbean, black man

Hey, wasn't that the commercial where they would sing a song something about "put the lime in the coconut" or am I just totally brain farting?
Ha ha ha, I remember that song... so I you tubed it, You know my main pet peeve with Youtube? People so pretentious and self adulating that they insist on uploading their own redundant videos that are just stills, just crowding out the essentials! Poof!
First off, this seems like you're trying to take political correctness into someone elses bedroom. Sexual attraction can be as loose or as tightly defined as an individual wants it to be. It's not racist to not want to sleep with an African American or other dark skinned ethnicity any more than it is sexist to men that I am straight and prefer women. Had this been a discussion about an employers hiring tendencies all of your objections would be justified, but this is simply someones internal preferences you'd never known, suffer, nor benefit from had they not been shared with you.

Also, you're painting the entire site "racist" because of your perceived racist sexual preference discussion with a select few members. "Closed mindedness" does not hold water in sexual preference here, we all choose our own partners and choose who we would not prefer as a partner. By the very nature of selecting a partner you MUST be "closed minded" and in this case it's not a bad thing. Natural selection hinges greatly on the selection of desirable traits of one partner, who are you to demonize someone for opting against undesirable traits for them? Had I said I would not find a mentally challenged (the holy grail of people NOT to discriminate against) sexually attractive, would you be having this same discussion with me? I assure you that IS the case and I indeed do not find mentally challenged people sexually attractive in the least, and by your criteria that makes me very closed minded to the idea of sleeping with someone who happens to have down syndrome.

I think that the fact that the overwhelming majority of rational minded free thinkers here object to your reaction here speaks largely about how disproportionate your response is, and does not say "Everyone here is a racist". I think you're being hypersensitive and desperately trying to inject an all too powerful dose of political correctness in a place where honesty and rationality is paramount.
Nice, Neal!
Excellent. :)
Atheists aren't a hive mind. Just because one atheist likes one thing doesn't necessarily guarantee that another atheist will like the same thing. There's a reason they say trying to get atheists to agree on anything is like herding cats.
Well, there is one thing we do agree on to one degree or another!
haha! (I can herd cats, with the power of Jayzus Fucking Kraaist)

Very true about Atheists having different preferences, especially racial.
That's the beauty of a guilt-free open mind and choice.

Girls I prefer/accept in order of 1 being highest (notice the gaps in numbers, the higher the number, the higher the improbability that I would choose that)

1. White
2. Asian
17. Hispanic
78. Indian/Middle Eastern
6754. Black
Anecdotally speaking, I was reared in a 100% white environment until the age of about 6? maybe. Sesame street was my window to the world, there were grouches and barbers and blacks and latinos and they all loved each other.

I place 'old' Sesame Street' episodes above Freud anyday. I hate these little boxes pretentious 'thinkers' try to justify as natural law.


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