Hey all! Kira suggested that we have some sort of business cards to hand to family and or friends or just about anyone. It is best to have them printed out on card stock. 10 Prints per page :) Scroll down to pick .Doc or .PDF

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this photoshop template is sized for, and can be used at overnightprints.com. i use overnightprints.com for a lot of things, and they're pretty reasonably priced.

this template is a bit cheesy, as i didn't take the time to convert the interior words to text, except for the obvious replacement on the back-side of the card. use it, or not, it's all good.

you would probably want to change your name on the card. ;-)

Please feel free download your favorite file format down below! Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any problems!


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Great - I can use these!

Has anyone produced any 'warning' stickers for placing in those bibles you find in every hotel room?

The link to buy the sticker is under that photo :)
I only have matte ivory card paper. I hope that works out.
I'm totally on this
These are very good. I didn't spend any money on my cards for the Sioux Falls, SD forum card, but there is only one problem. I have some extra details on our card. I apparently overlooked the fact that not all people have 20/20 vision like myself. ... .. Who would have known, right?
Were still working on that problem though. These are great though. We will definitely print out some of these for the little organization we have here and have them hand these out too. We think we should promote a site that deals with the promotion of Atheism along with our own forum promotions if we as a minority as a whole are going to get anywhere. Forum For Sioux Falls Atheists + Site that helps with Atheist promotion = Better deconverting and efficiency.

http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/86525/My%20Documents/SecularPerspec... Our card. What do you think?


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