I recently watched a video from The Amazing Atheist titled "#ThingsThatAnnoyMe" and the title is self-explanatory. I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys had to say, everything that annoys you. Anything you hate, dislike, disapprove, loath or even disagree with. Just write it down, I guess.

The reason I joined ThinkAtheist is because of Belle Rose and her discussion "Brag about yourself!" and I liked the purpose of the post and all that good stuff. This is, I guess, to anyone that just wants to release some steam and complain about anything or whatever, doesn't matter. So go apeshit and write down anything and everything you can think of that annoys you. Have fun.

Thank you to anybody who does post a comment.

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You're probably one of those people (I hate) who hang their toilet paper so it rolls off the back of the roll.

What about family members or guests that will use the last bit of your toilet paper and then not tell you about it or replace it so that you are stuck TP-less next time you got to do your business?

Or they force some other guest to yell from behind the bathroom door "You're out of toilet paper!"

It is unclear if Erma Bombeke even considered this issue. I expect that the best way to mention this absence of 'important material or supply', is in private, with a kitchen door between you and the host, sometime 'before' drinks. A large, but short note, posted to the bathroom door might also work. Normally when this happens to me, I start rutting inside all the most 'obvious drawers or closets' near the bathroom, which can be a great source for latter party conversation material, a little like my favorite line from the Exorcist.... 

Rolls off the back???

Never, never, never, never, never, never, never!!!

You should lose your TP privileges for a year for even harboring such a thought.

Well, if you own a cat, there may be a reason for back-rolling TP. A mischievous cat can think it entertaining roll all of the TP onto the floor when it's properly spooled to front-roll. My own cat has done that from time to time, but always when I'm sitting on the "throne," so that I can stop her when it ceases being entertaining to me.

Here's a very polite cat who cleans up after he entertains himself with toilet paper rolls

That cat obviously subscribes to the "toilet paper should roll off the back" theory. When you said the cat cleaned up, before I saw the video, I thought you meant that the cat groomed himself afterward. Cats have the habit of grooming themselves after you've chastised them in some way. They do it to show their overt contempt for you. It's like a human giving you the middle finger. If they really want to piss you off and adapt that "WHATever!" attitude, they'll lick their anus.

I hate cats. LOL

Anyone who hates cats is surely the spawn of satan. Cats are the most delightful, amusing, mysterious, and, now, the most popular of pets.

You probably don't like children, either.

You didn't come across like a bitch.
Well, I wish you good luck with starting over. You keep posting, too.

I've had that toilet paper situation and noticed sometimes when it was too late and had to improvise...yeah.

Keep a bible on the windowsill. 


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