I recently watched a video from The Amazing Atheist titled "#ThingsThatAnnoyMe" and the title is self-explanatory. I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys had to say, everything that annoys you. Anything you hate, dislike, disapprove, loath or even disagree with. Just write it down, I guess.

The reason I joined ThinkAtheist is because of Belle Rose and her discussion "Brag about yourself!" and I liked the purpose of the post and all that good stuff. This is, I guess, to anyone that just wants to release some steam and complain about anything or whatever, doesn't matter. So go apeshit and write down anything and everything you can think of that annoys you. Have fun.

Thank you to anybody who does post a comment.

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Looking a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.

People who just can't go that last three or four feet it would take to nestle their shopping cart in with the other ones which are neatly stacked. I can only imagine what their kitchen sink looks like if taking that minor degree of trouble is just too much of a burden.

Still relating to shopping...
People who will put everything they want to buy in their cart and then suddenly have to go and decide to leave their full cart in the middle of the aisle somewhere for some poor worker to sort it all out later.
And people who don't share the aisle.
And people who are so pushy about being first in line.
Or people who have a full cart and see someone behind them with one or two items and decide to still make them wait until it is their turn.
And people who have one or two items who feel like they should go ahead. It is more polite to let them go first but don't be pushy or rude about it. Just hope that the people in front of you will be nice enough.
People who slide the little pieces of paper with the price on them in those rails (I don't know if many stores still have that) so that all the prices are aligned with the wrong products.
I could go on with people who go shopping in places but I'll leave it for now.

The person ahead of you has an overloaded shopping cart in the self-scan line and is finally done scanning. 

Then, out come the 35 coupons, out of which she needs help from the wandering self-scanner assistant for about 7 of them. Then, her first two cards are declined. Then she starts sorting through what she bought so that the wandering scanner assistant can remove items from the total until the balance on her card covers her purchase.

Hopefully for her, I won't have any objects in my cart that could potentially murder her. A knife, a drill, a pot, a sturdy keyboard, ...
I'm patient but there is only a certain amount of patience anybody can have.

By the way, that was very detailed. Either you had that happen to you and if so, then sorry for you. Or you know how to picture a realistic but still humorously overdone situation.

That would irk me for about thirty seconds, but after that I'd just start feeling thankful I suffer from neither her shortage of funds, nor her inability to do simply estimation and addition in her head.

The tip off for me that many people cannot handle grocery checkouts is that the signs over the express lines at the store nearest to me say "12-ish items or less" as if the concepts of 'twelve' and 'less' were so demanding or confounding that the requirement needed to be loosened up for those who can't cope. "I have two avocados; does that count as one item or two? Ahhhhhhh, I can't take the pressure." 

Yet I do get a little schadenfreude when there are several people in front of me in the express line, and one person starts trying to count the number if items in the cart of a person in front of them. You can see from the strained look on their face that if there is so much as one item too many, shit is going down. One day I want to see it turn to fierce bloodshed over a thirteen item cart so we can test the legal standing of 'twelve-ish'. 

I've been known to get into the express line knowing I have "something like" a dozen items/Might be 10, might be 13 (which is a kind of dozen known as a baker's dozen).

Then, is three avocados one item or three when bought under a "Three for $2" offer? If I put six onions in a plastic bag, is that one item or six? and if I leave them loose, what is that?


What is it? Inconsequential. The 'x items or less' policy only exists to keep people considerate of the nature of the express aisle. You should respect the number posted, but it's quite comfortably assumed that a little leeway exists. It requires no "-ish" to serve that purpose.

I think this is done by certifiable sociopaths, sorry. When I go to the 'store', I normally know how much money I can spend, know what I want/need, check the dis-count bins, look for the free samples, and not look at 'every damn thing', just because it is brightly color, or moving! For me Walmart is not 'eye candy', but an emthy distraction like FOX news...

There was, for a while, a regular column on a news site, "things that make you go grrr...." and shopping carts left all over the parking lot (not just three feet away) was a prominent complaint.

Someone wrote in and explained why they, at least, did this.  They were afraid that during the minute or so it would take to put the cart away, someone would kidnap their children (already belted into the car seats) out of the car.

And this is a bad thing truly....

I might as well get it over with...I hate people. :)


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