I recently watched a video from The Amazing Atheist titled "#ThingsThatAnnoyMe" and the title is self-explanatory. I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys had to say, everything that annoys you. Anything you hate, dislike, disapprove, loath or even disagree with. Just write it down, I guess.

The reason I joined ThinkAtheist is because of Belle Rose and her discussion "Brag about yourself!" and I liked the purpose of the post and all that good stuff. This is, I guess, to anyone that just wants to release some steam and complain about anything or whatever, doesn't matter. So go apeshit and write down anything and everything you can think of that annoys you. Have fun.

Thank you to anybody who does post a comment.

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I think in many retail establishments the reasoning is that, at the counter, you are just one customer and you are committed to being there, whereas perhaps they can get the person on the phone to come in to that store rather than a competitor's.

I understand the reasoning, but I do think it's rude.

Oh I agree it's bad, don't get me wrong.

I think with auto parts the additional complication is that the mechanic shops are delivery only customers.  In other words the guy standing at the counter cannot possibly be a big customer, but the ringing phone might be.  It just exacerbates the effect.

Ha ha…I had that happen to me recently in an electrical store. The clerk answered the phone twice when I was trying to get information. She stopped mid-sentence to answer it as if I was not present. As I had their number as my last called on my cell phone, I dialled it as I was speaking to her. She again (for the third time) turned away and answered it. I continued talking to her as before. She glared at me and then saw the funny side. It made haggling for a discount all the more pleasant.

For some reason the local barman is not impressed when we phone in our drinks orders when the bar is busy :-)

People that need things to be 'nice' more than 'functional'.

People who would turn down a perfectly good, slightly burned, cheese sandwich.

People who would rather eat something bland, than a hot curry.

People who confuse something 'complicated' with the 'uninteresting'.

People who think walking >1 mile is crazy.

People who drink more beer than they can carry bottles to be recycled.

Guys that think appreciating beauty is not masculine.

People that walk around and never seem to look up at the sky!

People who's only interest seems to be 'work'.

People that think humor is a distraction.... 

I agree with everything you listed.
If you could see what I look like walking around on a clear night then you would probably wonder how I am surviving life at all.
I look up constantly and I can't tell you how many times I have walked into bushes, tripped on sidewalks or even sometimes just stood still to appreciate it. Of course, to somebody else it looks like I'm dumb, but I'm just taking in the beauty.
I hope I'm not the only one that does that.

I have attempted to use the simple test for a new relationship of, 'Can I bring you a very big bug, worm, praying mantis, etc, without you freaking out?' So far only one has passed this test, but the marriage only lasted 9 years. So now I hold back 'wild side'...

People who would turn down a perfectly good, slightly burned, cheese sandwich.

People who cut the crust off bread, and who don't realize that the best breads have great crusts and that the crust is the best part.

People who only grab the middle of the bread and leave the ends for others.
I like the ends but still, I just don't like that they do that. What if I didn't like the ends?

Even though I like my beef rare, I regard the heel (the end cut) as a delicacy and will usually ask for it, though if someone else seems to want it a lot, I'll give in.

I agree about the cheese sandwich.  If someone wants me to cook one for him or her, chances are it will be at least partially burnt.  The same thing applies to pancakes, waffles, toast, and turkeys.

Looking a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.

People who just can't go that last three or four feet it would take to nestle their shopping cart in with the other ones which are neatly stacked. I can only imagine what their kitchen sink looks like if taking that minor degree of trouble is just too much of a burden.


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