And I mean the nonreligious stuff. We talk about that all day long here. I'll start...

People who insist on turning against heavy traffic from the driving lane even though there is a middle lane set aside for turning.

People who can't take two additional seconds to push their shopping cart into the stacked carts, but leave it laying around two or three feet away from where it should properly be put.

Men who piss into toilets without putting the seat up and/or don't wipe the seat. (Were you raised in a barn or is it that you're afraid of the germs on the seat but are also afraid of washing your hands after touching something "dirty"?)

Otherwise intelligent people who can't pronounce "nuclear" without putting two u's in it.

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Pronouncing a "p" in something like "sumpthing"

There is no "p"!

People who insert a second "r" while pronouncing "sherbet" so much so that now "sherbert" has become an acceptable secondary spelling and pronunciation.

Of course, how many of us pronounce Wednesday the way it's spelled? Doesn't almost everyone say wenns-day. And who says feb-roo-ary. All I hear is feb-yoo-ary, a pronunciation that isn't even vaguely justified by the spelling.

Sway Austin pisses me off, hehehehehe

There is no "uh" in "realtor" or "realty." All the time I hear "realtor" pronounced real-uh-tor and "realty" pronounced real-uh-tee.


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