And I mean the nonreligious stuff. We talk about that all day long here. I'll start...

People who insist on turning against heavy traffic from the driving lane even though there is a middle lane set aside for turning.

People who can't take two additional seconds to push their shopping cart into the stacked carts, but leave it laying around two or three feet away from where it should properly be put.

Men who piss into toilets without putting the seat up and/or don't wipe the seat. (Were you raised in a barn or is it that you're afraid of the germs on the seat but are also afraid of washing your hands after touching something "dirty"?)

Otherwise intelligent people who can't pronounce "nuclear" without putting two u's in it.

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People who think the the inside lane (ie, passing lane) on a highway means you exceed the speed limit. 

People who take a cart-full of items into the 12 items or less line. 

People who forget how to drive during the first snowfall of the season. I live in MN, you'd think it would be second nature. 

People who have bad habits who gripe about other people with bad habits really gets my goat.  Hypocrisy bothers me.

Also, people who stick chewing gum anywhere but in the trash (general gum chewers actually) I mean, you do realize the only way to clean that is by hand.

Don't wait for people exiting the subway, but just push their way in.

Middle aged women who push you out of the way when there is plenty of room to go around, or who try and push you forward in line faster than the line is moving.

Being told your schedule has changed at the last possible minute (like the Friday before a long planned weekend vacation 5 hours away you're told "we are having dinner tonight, you have to come! You will miss your train")

When people at stores follow you around asking every few minutes what you're looking for.

People peddling and/or touting suits, travel agencies, or sight seeing trips while I'm trying to enjoy my breakfast.

Finally, people who have no sense of humor.

Don't wait for people exiting the subway, but just push their way in.

Addendum: people who don't seem to see that it makes sense to let people OFF the elevator before stepping in.

Don't wait for people exiting the subway, but just push their way in.

That could also apply to people getting onto buses and elevators. 

For Rob Klaers, I think of people in line 2 as "English majors who can't read, or math majors who can't count".

I have a similiar peeve at my local gym.  The sign clearly states "Please replace all dumbbells in their proper place on the rack" and both the dumbbell and the rack are clearly labled.  Think you can find a matched pair of dumbbells?

Hate, hate, hate the people who resort to "fuck you" and "shut up" when they've been out-smarted.  Another peeve is people like my mom who continue to push the last line of their argument after I've totally obliterated it and it's completely obvious to her and everyone in the room that she has no ground to stand on.  Playing deaf is not a debate technique.

I also hate the fact that a man who sleeps around isn't a "slut."  I make a point of using that term when talking about that type of male behavior.  Some words shouldn't be gendered...especially since it takes two to tango.  ;-)

I just HATE when people talk in the movies as if  they were  at home on their couch.

Addendum: I hate it when cell phones ring during movies. And I hate it when I find myself going to a movie with someone who can't bear to turn their phone all the way off. Instead, they put it on vibrate and have to check to see who's calling them. Who really can't live with their cell phone off for two hours? Are we so lame and addicted to providing and receiving attention that we can't turn our cell phone off to enjoy a movie without interruption.

Also, people in front of me who are reading their text messages or email during the movie, their lit cell phone displays providing a needless distraction.

Or even text during. The screens are now so bright they're distracting to everyone behind them. 

I am an occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility.  I hate it when my patients tell me they have no use for what I do - that they only need physical therapy, but could I help them get dressed before I go?

Parking opposite the petrol pumps but going into the store to shop without using the pump even though there are several vacant parking bays within a few metres of the forecourt. I can go from calm to postal in nano seconds on that one. People who insist I call it gas and not petrol - lol. Fox Newsreaders. The UN not sorting out the problem in Syria. Shop staff that have no manners. Those damn magpies on the garden wall that won't zip it. The 2 mormons who leave the house opposite at exactly the same time everyday. Wish I could iron my shirts that well. Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis - a terrible influence on childrens minds. Wondering if 124.6 gev is the locaton of the Higgs. :)

I feel better already !! If it wasn't for the valium I'd be on drugs.

I'm going to steal that.

People who text while they drive.Privileged people who complain that they need a rights or power movement every time a marginalized group makes a baby step towards social equality. It is doubly annoying when they go on to justify this view by talking about how hard they have it. People who preface their bigotry with "I'm not a racist/misogynist/homophone ect but..."


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