And I mean the nonreligious stuff. We talk about that all day long here. I'll start...

People who insist on turning against heavy traffic from the driving lane even though there is a middle lane set aside for turning.

People who can't take two additional seconds to push their shopping cart into the stacked carts, but leave it laying around two or three feet away from where it should properly be put.

Men who piss into toilets without putting the seat up and/or don't wipe the seat. (Were you raised in a barn or is it that you're afraid of the germs on the seat but are also afraid of washing your hands after touching something "dirty"?)

Otherwise intelligent people who can't pronounce "nuclear" without putting two u's in it.

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Idiots in my school's library that talk on the phone in the "quieter than the grave" parts of the library. People study in those areas of the library, and when someone starts talking on their phone like a Valley Girl, it's really hard to be productive.

This could be a totally seperate discussion on its own but it really annoys me when people misuse the english language. Everything seems to be "amazing" and everything is done "literally" just to name two examples.

Any more, most American's do not know nor understand the actual English language because they spend more time butchering it rather than using it. What is worse is that "txt sp33k" is becoming so prevalent that people  are finding it "literally amazing" that our minds can decipher a whole paragraph of it.  No, it's not amazing at all; what is amazing is the fact that more than half of those people have gotten accepted into any college/university at all.

Also (although this isnt said where I come from) how can a burger or a pair of jeans be "awesome"?

Those people need to mix it up.  When a burger rocks your world...

"Where are you at?"

WHAT could ever possess anyone to put the word "at" at the end? Why?

It's redundant, as is the word "time" in sentences like "The superintendant predicted that the repairs would be done in about three weeks time." Take off the word "time" at the end and...voila!...exactly the same thought is expressed.

Well spoken English, as one might find at a finer institution of learning, seeks desperately to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition.  Here is a joke in that regard.

A big Texas cowboy named, unimaginatively, 'Tex', won a scholarship to Cambridge.  Arriving with a big duffle bag on his shoulder, he peered about the campus, attempting to locate the admissions office.  A stout little Cambridge dean happened by, all decked in robe and wig, and Tex inquired of him, "Do y'all know where the admissions office is at?"

The dean, taken aback by such an affront to the Queen's tongue, sharply scolded, "Good god, sir!  This is Cambridge - and at Cambridge we do NOT end a sentence with a preposition!  Would you care to rephrase, good sir?"

Tex spit some tobacco over his shoulder, leaned down into the dean's face and said, "Do y'all know where the admissions office is at, asshole?"

Well, modern English, especially informally, has become much more tolerant of ending sentences with prepositions. There really is no truly compelling argument not to do so. Sometimes, avoiding putting prepositions at the end of a sentence can result in stilted constructions like "This is a situation up with which we should not put."

This could be a totally seperate discussion on its own but it really annoys me when people misuse the english language. Everything seems to be "amazing" and everything is done "literally" just to name two examples.

The word brah.. just because your moms a whore doesnt mean everyone is your brother.

People who carry Internet memes into every situation they encounter.

Saying lol or lawl instead of actually laughing.

The phrase Hella...

People who think its okay to talk or text on the phone when they are mid conversation with you. 

I'm 25 and I thought I was just old school.  I want to slap the phone out of their hand. 


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