And I mean the nonreligious stuff. We talk about that all day long here. I'll start...

People who insist on turning against heavy traffic from the driving lane even though there is a middle lane set aside for turning.

People who can't take two additional seconds to push their shopping cart into the stacked carts, but leave it laying around two or three feet away from where it should properly be put.

Men who piss into toilets without putting the seat up and/or don't wipe the seat. (Were you raised in a barn or is it that you're afraid of the germs on the seat but are also afraid of washing your hands after touching something "dirty"?)

Otherwise intelligent people who can't pronounce "nuclear" without putting two u's in it.

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LOL, Hi Kris, "Petting my eye balls" what a thought ! My Sissi is a hearing and seeing eye dog and as such she looks after my sight in my lower field of vision so any distraction means threats are on me in three or four paces, hence me taking a metal post hit.

The KNGFGeleidehonden here in the Netherlands run TV ads at times to raise awareness such as this one (you dont need to know Dutch to follow it)

That's very cute and really drives the point home!

Ok, I'll bite.

People who walk more than two abreast on a city sidewalk.

People who get on an elevator or subway and remain by the doorway no matter how many other people get on, so that they can be the first person off the elevator/subway when it's their stop.

Getting takeout or delivery, and it comes with flimsy plastic utensils.  You know the kind that you can barely pick up anything because it's so flexible and weak?  Just don't give me utensils if you are going to waste my time on that shit.

People who leave a mess in a workplace kitchen or bathroom.  Guess what, I don't want to clean up your fucking soy sauce or wet paper towels so why don't you be an adult and do it yourself?  It takes a split second.

I also get unreasonably irritated by my own alarm clock.  I actually wake up angry almost every morning.  Maybe that's why all this other shit eats at me all the time?!??!?


People who are wrong on the internet....seriously, it just bugs me...what if someone did a quick google search and found something wrong and then used that to make some decision.

This one happened to me yesterday. Got an important call, inadvertently hit a key sending the call to voicemail. When I returned the call minutes later, I had to wait through about 2 minutes of menu choices, only to be told that her mailbox is full.

There are multiple gripes there: labyrinthine and huge menu systems and people who let their mailbox fill up. Oh, also, idiots who have never set up their voicemail and people who phone you and leave message and then aren't there to take the return call.

People that I have to deal with on a regular basis that are interested in the lives of celebrities and 'reality' TV shows, and the discussion of these things with anyone they come in contact with.

Even more, the fact that I can't politely express my dis-interest and general annoyance with these people. I guess this goes for more than just the sort of person described above.

I WISH SOMEONE ELSE WOULD DIE so that I don't have to hear any more about Whitney Houston. She was NOT all that important to me. What I remember about her is that at some point in her career Mariah Carey, who could hit notes only dogs could hear, came along and took a lot of her glory from her.

I read a good quote the other day. I cant remember who said it but it goes something like this: 'One person dies a million cry, a million people die noone cries'.

People who don't understand the usage of "whence" which means "from where." thus "We're investigating the object to determine from whence it came" is incorrect,. It should be "We're investigating the object to determine whence it came."

..or "you're" and "your".

Inconsiderate people, bigots, bureaucratic nonsense, 3D movies(since they don't really work for me), people assuming I can hear with my left ear. :p
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure 3d is awesome, but being unable to enjoy it, I dislike it being praised everywhere. And the last one I understand and don't blame the people who make the mistake, I'm just tired of it.
Oh, and using "your" when one means "you're" and other such mistakes.

People who say "drownding" instead of "drowning"? Where does that come from?


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