When Big Oil wants a trillion dollar war in Iraq, and Wall St. wants tens of trillions in bailouts, Congress acts instantly. When they tell us they can't afford healthcare for all, they are saying they don't work for all, just the very, very wealthy.

Thats why we need to www.Change-congress.org

Public funding of public elections.

The bill as it exist allows people to opt into public funding where they cannot accept big contributions but have small contributions doubled or tripled along with a stipend. This allows candidates to spend time with their constituents, and after election legislating, instead of spending most the money with the most wealthy of donors.

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As Documented by a CPA Firm the Savings are MASSIVE:
__________ __________ __________ __________ _


$1.3 Trillion from 50 Million going to doctors instead of Emergency Rooms!

$400 Billion from 31% fees for Insurance Paperwork! -Eliminated with Single-Payer & use on Fraud Enforcement

$Hundreds of Billion with Reform of Bush Prescription Over Charging!

$300 to $500 Billion with Reform of Big Pharma!

$1 Trillion in Health Care Provider Fraud from greater Enforcement of Laws!

$210 Billion/yr Doctors order tests on concern over liability=Need evidence-based guidelines!

$17 Billion/yr Medical errors Cost

$493Billion/yr Diabetes+Blood pressure Not timely

Add it all up and the SAVINGS FAR EXCEED ANY COSTS!

Single-Payer HR 676 in House and S 703 in the Senate - Simple Bills -NO LOOPHOLES!
I love how republicans bemoan the fear that people will die on waiting lists because of limited resources, but they are perfectly fine if people die because they can't afford costly operations or procedures. How many times have you donated to "so-and-so needs this lifesaving surgery and we are raising money."
Or they die because they're denied coverage because their insurance company says the treatment is "experimental" or whatever other excuse they use to say "if we paid for this it would cut into the profits we're using to pay off politicians and run billion dollar ad campaigns to kill health reform."
There is a good article, in Newsweek I believe, about how Americans can react quickly in a crisis, but are paralyzed by the slow moving and nebulous type of problem posed by health care reform. I'll dig up the link later, if anyone wants to see it.


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