THEY'RE HERE! "I THINK ATHEIST" Wristbands are in! First run limited quantity. Get yours today!

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I got mine.

Blue. :D


Not in this run. We have Black, White, Pink, and Blue.



I like seeing the progress bar on that 'give now' advert. Any chance we could see something similar with the wristbands? "TA Wristbands remaining: 20 of 500. Get yours now and keep TA online!"
Also, how about a 'Design a Think Atheist T-shirt' contest as well? Winner gets major bragging rights, a free t-shirt, and a phat ride in the official TA stretch limousine*!

*Once enough proceeds roll in to buy it, that is.

Lol Our limo looks more like this... 

As for the bar graph I'll look into it. We ordered 100 to start and have sold 5 so far. I'll be heading to the post office tomorrow to ship those out and get supplies.

The T-shirt Idea is cool. Maybe sometime soon we'll do that. 

I'm also looking into bringing the T|A dogtags back, depending on how the wristbands do and find a good deal on them.

Lol Our limo looks more like this...

lmao. But... where's the bar? Oh, never mind. I don't drink anyway.

I'm also looking into bringing the T|A dogtags back, depending on how the wristbands do and find a good deal on them.

Hm. Dog tags, ay? How about an official TA "tag line contest" for the dog tags?

I hereby submit the first official entry, which is: IN GOD: WEE TRUST*


*That's my pun. You can use it, but I want either a nickel or a heartfelt groan every time you do.
**Gotta put the year on there. Makes it an annual collector’s item!

please help those who are not in the West, how to buy them...TA tags?

They are available from here , we have shipped internationally from that page. 

The Tags are not available as of yet. Only the wristbands.




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