There is no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus: Period.

"Aliens Cause Global Warming” is a rather interesting speech given by Michael Crichton which may have you thinking hard about your opinions on such things as global warming and the danger of secondhand smoke.

We often base our own views on controversial subjects on our understanding of what most experts think, but this sort of reasoning is fallacious, even if we don't have a real alternative.

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Maybe the toxicity is mostly from the company?

Thank the smoker for the air filter job they are doing, but demand they carry a high end air scrubber if they desire to breath out. This demand should last only for about 3 minutes, then the air bag over their head could be deployed, and the offending ignition source extinquished using the most convenient fire control device.

Could we petition the EPA for a special personalized Environmental Impact Statement?



It does amaze me that people feel the need to blow these sorts of things out of proportion when the truth would do just as well.  I also doubt that second hand smoke is nearly as bad as directly inhaling, but personally, I don't want to have to breath any of it. 

Smoking is one of the most intrusive and inconsiderate habits a person can have.  I smoked for 8 years back in the 80s and was completely oblivious to how bad it was for people around me.  Even today with all of the information we have about how dangerous cigarette smoke is, there are times when I have to walk through a cloud of smoke when I leave my workplace because people can't step 10 feet farther from the exit.  But at least there aren't very many cigarette butts all over the walk way to get to the building, as I've seen at other buildings where people smoke.

I don't smoke, but I regard cigarette smoke as part of the experience of going into some places, such as a blues bar.

There are other irritating habits I wish people would get upset about. People who don't realize that they don't need to yell into their cell phone so that everyone within 10 yards can hear their end of the conversation. People who don't have the energy to return shopping carts where they belong instead of just shoving them in the general direction. People who blow their nose in a napkin and put it on their dinner plate to be handled by the wait staff.

I could go on. I'm a curmudgeon.

And on, and on, and on - and very successful at curmudgeonary too, I might add!

That's a word, right?

The cell phone thing (yelling and cussing) is particularly bad on the buses I ride.


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