I'm not going to name names but I've read and dug around in the forums and two or three people in here can absolutely not handle any kind of disagreement without being condescending and rude.

Not the way to portray this growing minority of atheists and skeptics, yeah?

If you can't handle disagreeing 29th someone, get the hell off the internet and get back to the 60's.


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Such smug snarky arogant comments, NYK, will fit in quite nicely (if there is a point worth listening to). Why dont you quit the concern trolling and join a debate and show us your diplomatic higher standards of discourse?
Like the one where you literally couldn't tell Unseen anything but "read a book"?

I'll pass.
Too bad you cant stick around. We will still be here when you feel like contributing something to the forum. In the mean time you'll find plenty of other websites to concern troll NYK.

And don't forget to pick up a book and read...at least once a month. It sharpens the mind...and keeps you on your toes.
Meantime is one word.

And I'm not a troll. I'm also not worried about anything you have to say. Lol
I'm not asking anyone to be gentle. Just making an observation. I'm probably the hardest person in here to offend.

My take... a few contentious fuckers here who simply cannot admit when wrong or end the debate...but it is all in good fun so aint no thang

And the worst of those eventually self destruct, issuing demands and threats against you continuing to disagree with them.

Yeah. That is EXACTLY what I'm taking about. Lol

Okay then.  Issuing threats just for disagreeing with someone would be a violation of the rules...so if you're seeing a regular do that, man up and send his or her name to the moderators.

Whatever you're talking about - I don't feel it's a problem. 

You keep changing your position. You first said “two or three people” then changed it to “much more than just 2 or 3 people”.  You did not initially say my “smartass” comment about safe zones made me sound like a jerk but you called me “a jerk”.

I suggested safe zones because your only fix for this problem (which only you have a problem with) is to suggest people get “the hell of the internet and get back to the 60’s" and then curse.

Not a very constructive argument or suggestion is it?

You also attempt to correct typos but not address the arguments which you just dismiss and yet overlook your own diction.

You are new here and do not understand the history of some of the active users here so it may appear like they are being condensing or rude to each other. They are not. They are more than capable of handling the comments and can give as good as they get. If you would like to point out the merits (or the flaws) of ongoing debates, such as the problem of life in a deterministic Universe then use your freewill to do so. We are all for constructive criticism.

I normally have to reply to rants from Christians and Muslims who troll this site because they post similar sentiments. Your post does not appear anything other than a rant. You may think you are not trolling but that is not how you are portraying yourself yet you are the only person whose has complaining about disagreements here.

For someone who is “not worried about” other people’s opinions and claims to be the “hardest person in here to offend” you even seem to be bothered by comments from people who have “not logged in for years”.


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