Are peaceful people irrelevant? During a Heritage Foundation (conservative think tank) panel discussion about Benghazi, some poor Muslim girl tried to make the point that while some Muslims are radical, they are the minority. That set off this response

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Peace does not require leadership.

Why don't you name some leaderless peace movements. I can't think of any.

Can you tell me who the head of the christian peace movement is?

For that matter, who leads the atheist peace movement, or the American peace movement, Or the capitalist peace movement?

As far as I can tell, those things don't exist.

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

Let's say there are around a billion Muslims. Even if 99% are peaceful and moderate, that still leaves 10 million of the sharia-type lunatics and militants. 

 Well the Billion  and 99% are numbers Ann Coulter pulled from a wrinkly old ass.

I've reread Logicllunatic's post and can find no reference to or dependence upon any quote made by Ann Coulter.

While many among us wonder "Where are the 'good' and 'peace-loving' Muslims? Why don't they speak up?" The fact is that some have spoken out.

But let's face it, the point raised by this panelist might be put, "Even if all of them did, would that restrain the terrorists in any way?"

I think we know it would in the end amount to just a gesture, and an empty one. I think the peace-loving Muslims understand this perhaps better than you and I do.

They have come out, repeatedly condemning violence.  They get shouted down by the chicken hawk pundits at FOX, CNN and other right wing media outlets ho consider peaceful folk as irrelevant

They are irrelevant. Because they let themselves be shouted down, among other reasons. The majority could turn on the radical minority, but they have no stomach for a fight. So, you see, it is largely due to wanting peace that the violent ones are given a relatively free hand.

Islam isn't just a religion.  It is the religious side of a government built upon war and conquest.  Islam has no place at the table of modernity.

But then take a good look at America today, the leaders will say "Dog Bless America", and then go indiscriminately bomb and kill a bunch of defenseless brown people.

All religion should be assigned to the latrine where it belongs.

But then take a good look at America today, the leaders will say "Dog Bless America", and then go indiscriminately bomb and kill a bunch of defenseless brown people.

Oh, come on. Mediterranean Muslims aren't all THAT brown. They are still essentially caucasian, unlike blacks and Asian peoples. Besides, their brownness is incidental to what's going on, not central to it. We're quite willing to bomb white people. Ever heard of Kosovo?


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