This is a response to this video haha..

"Then why did Christianity spread from just one person to become the most popular religion in the world, ever? haha yall athiests are the same. Spouting off nonsense only because you are closed minded and purposely insulated from the truth."

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For the same reason that Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam spread from 'just one person.'
How many apostles were there, again? Wait, wasn't there a mass summit that decided the cannon text of the Bible?
BTW... Christianity isn't the largest religion, you twat.
I know it's hard to see past your own little inbred bubble, but um.. Islam has more followers.
well...considering Islam and Christianity are so closely related it is a little hard to agree completely with you.
He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know. Lao Tsu-Tao Te Ching
Christianity was a great way to piss off the Romans!
That one person was very smart and good at brainwashing.If you're talking about the jewish zombie I think he was the world's greatest conartist.
trade routes? the tale grew taller on down the line...why did most humans think the world was flat?
ya know, Hitler was a great man to everyone in his time too.
Reggie just brought Godwin's Law to my attention, so I think this is kinda funny. Also, I totally agree. There were several other "great men" who made a huge impact, but whether it was a good or bad impact is always debatable.
Christianity isn't the most popular religion..most religions come from the same roots.


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