Theists have just as much of a chance of going to hell as atheists IF GOD(S) IS REAL

I find it irritating when theists use scripture etc to try to convert me and are like boohoo you will go to hell...ill pray for you....Dont they realize theres millions of gods many people claim or claimed exist? What if Thor is real and Jesus isnt or Zeus? What about Shiva? The list is endless. What makes theists so certain that there god or gods are real out of the millions on earth? Nonthing but a book and some personal experince and faith. Faith which is my middle name ironically enough and means BELIEF IN SOMETHING WITHOUT PROOF!!!!! Theres no evidence that cannot be questioned. Until there is evidence i remain a atheist. I dont believe in hell and wouldnt want anyone going there but theists could end up going to hell just like i the atheist supposedly am if they believ in a false god.


So what do you all think? 

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If most of the people I've known who were sure they were going to heaven were there, then that would be hell for me.

I asked my Christian friend how she knew it was the "correct" religion.  She stated that since Jesus declared himself to be the son of god, and no other religions have that same claim, that clearly Christianity was the correct and true religion.  We didn't talk much after that.

Oy vey!

Oh it gets better:

For most Christians salvation is necessary because of justice.  You can prove justice is invalid.

Salvation = necesary because God can't forgive or let things slide because he is "just".

Either God is just and sends everyone to hell and nobody can die for your sins, or God isn't just and knowing that the just punishment for mankind has to be hell, he obstructs justice by creating a new loophole that violates the intent of a law that says: “the wages of sin is death”.  It does not say “the wages of sin is either death for you, or someone who wants to die for you (but someone has to die that is all that matters)”  It isn't that. Circumventing the intent of that law to fulfill it on a technicality is pretty sleazy.



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