Fellow atheists do you think that the majority of theists online tend to be quite predictable, when it comes to debating religion's effect on society and the lack of proof in their gods?

Have we heard all the arguments at this stage? Have all the scenes been played out like a soap opera with no originality and bad writing?

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I think that if anything theists are getting more dogmatic than actually thinking about what the text they are using actually means. Xains, muslims and even pagans are doing things by rote than actually applying time to read what they are parroting. With all the stuff that is happening globally . People are reacting by what they are taught than thinking for themselves.  Which in american public schools is actually discouraged. My niece, who is an atheist. Is facing problems because she asks questions. She wants to learn and not just repeat what books tell her. She researches and reads books independently of school. She want to be a vet. She lives in a small town. she asks questions. Wants a higher form of education resulting in her teachers basically ignoring her. She has had to defend her right to be both an atheist and bisexual. Anyone one who has been through high school knows it is sheer torture to be different.  I have given her as many arguments as I can including sending her to JRF for more advanced help than I can give. I'm only two years into being an atheist. I still have a lot to learn as to how to deal with people.

Of course!  Theists, by definition, have a basic mental deficiency; otherwise, they would not imagine the existence of a magic man floating around in the ether somewhere making decisions about the course of events on Earth.  We should not expect them to be mentally capable of efficacious originality in their thinking.

Hi Dale

Your back - I see God answered your prayer when you asked to be struck by lightening.

He said ''No' huh? - He must have a plan for you :)

But back to the topic -

What is it that atheists want theists to know?

There is always something new they can do to ignore reality in favor of a mythical man in the sky that claims to be a jealous God, a God of War, and a vindictive god that hates all equally--but the Christians only see the good he does, never the bad. Sad Sad, Christians. 

In a word, yes.  They cannot bring any more facts to bear, there are no more truths to learn, theists can only spout the same old faith based arguments that they have always used.

The theists' problem is that nearly every new scientific discovery encroaches on their beliefs.  I think that is one of the reasons that religious leaders and spokesmen are becoming more vociferous, they can see their power base slipping away.  They are having to concentrate on third world and developing countries to keep up the numbers.

As learning and education improves, as scientific discoveries about the universe and biology are made at ever increasing pace, as more and more science based TV programmes and books are produced, theism is edging back, like shadows at sunrise.

Theism was predictable in the time of Epicurus ffs. 

Sure thing, though my perspective is skewed to the point that I cannot really say if atheists online are any better.

I guess my only real issue is the number of theists who post really stale arguments to a site like this as if they are brand new. If some curious person merely wants to see, for instance, how we approach Pascal's Wager, it's a little boring, but fine. I can offer my views which they can take or leave. If, on the other hand, they post Pascal's Wager with a sort of 'this shit is totally going to blow your little atheist minds' sort of vibe, I don't know if I should laugh or cry. For people who just come here to interact, I think all levels of knowledge and familiarity should feel welcome. For those who come to issue challenge, I have higher expectations.

I have met some very thoughtful and clever theists of different stripes throughout my life, but online I don't encounter them all that often, and new arguments and points of view are few and far between. In all fairness though, I only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to internet theism.

Not sure a theist could even be "original". It's all known. When they decide to be original- the result is atheism.

Well said .

Very well said, and also a proven fact! Fortunately, most people who were once part of the flock of ever devout christianity who have gained their common sense and broken out of the fold are more than willing to admit that fact. It's like a miraculous event... a great light brightens the dark sky of ignorance and breathes the life of knowledge into you! (Oh wait... that's what people say when they think they've found jesus... but I think it's still appropriate for people who grasp their true intelligence rather than following the dogmatic tradition that fools insist on claiming as fact....) Ok, just a little rant, mainly due to the fact that a fellow student just walked by behind me and noticed that I was on an atheist website and immediately thought she should help 'enlighten me'.... Of course... my response... prove it! She couldn't and I told her to quit wasting her breath she might need it when she's waiting to see her god at the moment of death... which in her case may drag on FOREVER because she's full of a lot of hot air.... ok I'm done now.

I dunno. There are a lot of variation on the Abrahamic faiths alone, and those Hindus can get pretty rad with their custom built devas.

I confess that I don't really follow any theists online.  I'm relatively certain that most of us who are genuine theists don't feel any particular need to blog or engage in religiousness online, since we all have our real life faith communities.   The sort of evangelicals that want to proselytize online I would expect to be relatively shallow, so you probably have a point.

At the same time, have you read ThinkAtheist? :)  The arguments here for the most part epitomize old, stale, and predictable.  It might be worth considering that it is atheists who are limiting the range of discussion to the very narrow and boring "debating religion's effect on society and the lack of proof in ... gods".  The scope of religion is much broader and deeper, and I would hope that the scope of atheist thought is as well.


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