Fellow atheists do you think that the majority of theists online tend to be quite predictable, when it comes to debating religion's effect on society and the lack of proof in their gods?

Have we heard all the arguments at this stage? Have all the scenes been played out like a soap opera with no originality and bad writing?

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For the most part , yes . Theists can be quite tedious and predictable . They typically resort to different variations of a limited number of bad arguments . When that fails , ( as it inevitably does ) , they resort to ad hominem attacks and insults.

Unfortunately, so many theist think that they have discovered a new and infutible argument (that's only been around for several hundred, if not thousands of years.)

Every now and then I hear something new. But that is rare.

you're just not old enough yet!


What about atheists Keith. Do you think they're getting predictable too?


You mean when we are answering predictable questions?  What do you expect? 


"You mean when we are answering predictable questions?  What do you expect?"

Oh snap - Good answer 

Ok - I think that atheists could move off the argument about whether God exists or not and move onto what the bible is really about.

The question of God's existance is crucial to any discussion of the bible. Until we know God exists, the bible is little more than a story book.

Why just the Bible?  What about the Gita, the Vedas, The Upanishads? The Bard Thadol?  What about Guru Granth Sahib?   etc.... Theism includes beliefs and holy books other than Christianity and the bible.  Atheists are equal opportunity non-believers.  We don't accept ANY of the god definitions or histories.    Which puts us just a bit ahead of the theist that disbelieves in all others except their own.


I feel that the comments, questions and assumptions made my theists are predictable partially because they use biblical quotations and doctrine as a basis. And since most atheists have also made some study of the bible as well (if for nothing else than bed time stories or nursery rhymes), its fairly easy for us (atheists) to counter all the arguments because we've already read or heard them before. So, if atheists are becoming predictable, its only because we've had to recited the same answers to the same questions for so long....

I find that they get upset if you put them in a corner, get rude if it is a woman that is putting them in the corner. They don't like when you point out and quote their own points where they contradict themselves. I love to ask them questions and then let them kick there own ass, today I got blocked by one on twiter after asking a question. 

I do not follow any christians , but the number of christians following me grows by one a day. Wonder if they are just curious?

Sorry Keith I am off topic a bit but I always find new reasons to attack religion no matter how theists justify their arguments for it.

In Afghanistan 74 school girls are recovering from a gas attack at the hands of brave Taliban fighters who don’t want women to be educated.

In Ohio a teacher is sacked for being gay. Catholics can get away with this because their religion gets special treatment by law.

Buddhists in Burma are now killing Islamists and are engaged in ethnic cleansing. This will only get worse as the EEC have lifted today lifted all remaining sanctions. Buddhists hacking Muslims to death is apparently the wrong way to look at the violence according to the Dalai Lama in England today as it is political rather than religious. Thanks god for that.



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