Theist arguments are so bad...
How bad are they?
Theist arguments are so bad, even Micheal Jackson would run out of the parking ramp if he met up with them.
I've noticed that the more educated I become on logical fallacies, theist arguments, scientific data, etc. the more difficult it becomes to understand religious folks. I've noticed, especially on this site, that theists really think they sound smart with their arguments. They seem unable to see how easily refuted they are.

I used to see where they were coming from, so it was easier to have endless debates. Now I find myself getting frustrated at their apparent unwillingness to learn or reflect on their own beliefs. It seems no matter how simply you break it down, they refuse to understand or change their beliefs. I almost feel bad for them.

I would consider myself well educated, but I can't possibly be smarter than every theist I run into. Every now and then they come up with an argument that makes me stop and think, but there's always a logical rebuttal based on evidence (even if I don't know it right away).

So where do you start? How simple do you make your arguments? Do you find a lot of the points you make going over their heads? Do you ever get tired of refuting the same tired points over and over?

(Oh...and I'd love some punchlines to the discussion title...I'm quite certain there are better ones than mine.)

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"Do you ever get tired of refuting the same tired points over and over?"

And over, and over, and over, and over...

And just when you think that you have finally gotten someone to admit that maybe, just maybe, that there might be a point that science might be right on, they shift to another point and you have to start all over again.
The holy book (Koran, bible, Upanishads, whatever) is the reveled truth. Not the discovered truth, or the ascertained truth but the reveled truth of the maker of truth. Ergo, the first premise of the believer is that the reveled truth is the truth, anything else is lies and deceptions. You are the one who refuses to understand or change your beliefs. The things you hold as true: science, reason, logic are all irrelevant in the supernatural world that has been reveled, why oh why can't you just see that?
Hi Matthew, Great minds think alike. I was only discussing this in similar detail to my husband yesterday
. A friend of mine is going to show the film 'Religulous' to his Sister who does accept all without question. But I still do not think this will make any difference to her
I was watching America's got talent' and it suddenly dawned on me that those contestents who are bad do not think they are, in fact they BELIEVE they are good even brillant. So theists think in a similar way that whatever is said to them they will always believe they are right in thinking they are good. A similarity EH?
I <3 you so much. You're this fire-cracker old gal out here in the U.K somewhere that just equated evangelical Christianity with America's Got Talent.
Folks like you make me proud to wear my Think Atheist bracelet out here in Scotland...(and hide my American accent.)
Rock on!


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