I was struck by the answer Richard Dawkins gave to the audience member question "What if you're wrong?" (many copies of this have been on Youtube for ages) being so quickly pecked at and unpicked by theists as not being an answer at all.  Of course, "we" knew what he meant, but he obviously didn't pick the killer sound-bite sentence or two 'come back'.

So, what's an excellent winning quick-fire answer that could only be understood as an answer and doesn't require too much thinking time on the part of the person being answered?

(Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I couldn't find it if it was.)

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That's great! I think that pretty much sums up the argument :)
I simply say, "What if YOU'RE wrong?" Why do people assume it's either THEIR god or nothing? What if THEY'RE wrong about WHICH god exists? What makes the Judeo-Christian god special? (Other than it's THEIR god.) All the gods in history share at least one thing in common -- NO evidence.
Shouldn't you believe in ALL gods, As a deist you must believe that there's at least one. So any argument you make against any other god, also applies to yours. Any argument for your god. also applies to the others. Therefore you can't know for sure which one you should believe in.
I wouldn't bet on too many of them understanding this one! You will probably be told that theirs is true because it says so in the bible. Which, of course, you could challenge in exactly the same way only to be told that God wrote the bible. I suspect you have idntified a road to a cicular discussion here, despite the fact that I wholeheartedly agree with you.
If I am wrong? You should know that, it's in your Bible - if you are right. Or in the Quran, if they are right. Or somewhere else. But I am not a coward to fall in for your fearmongering stupidity.
Also, do you think God wil respect those who disregarded his creation? :)
Theist: What if you're wrong?
Humble atheist: Then god exists.
Theist: And you go to hell!
Humble atheist: I think if this god exists he will approve more of his creations conscious reasoning instead of blind belief based on fear.
Theist: That doesn't matter if you go to HELL.
Humble atheist: ...
Humble atheist: "Then your god is a tyrant who sends otherwise good people to eternal torture for a finite 'crime' of using their higher brain functions to dismiss the notion of a deity based on the material evidence planted by said tyrant."
(not so) humble athiest: <facepalm><sigh>you're an idiot<walk away>
Recently a very “devout” christian I just met asked if I believed in Reincarnation because I did not have jesus in my life. I saw he was genuine and serious about this. I said yes I did and I would love to come back next time as a ladies hockey pitch. He was disgusted once he figured it out. Ha.
The only quickfire answer I can think of is:
"I'm not, you are"
But still the truth, and nothing but the truth. ;)

I think that if the truth can be stated in a short answer that requires no further explanation for rational people, then it should be stated as short as possible.


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