Today I was doing something online, (I really don't remember how it started i think from here) and I saw something about god hating shrimp. I thought that was pretty funny so I went to the website just for fun.  It pokes fun at extremists by saying "why stop at protesting gays? shellfish is a sin too!!!" It is just a joke website with a bit of a message about how ridiculous extremists can be. 

As I look into the website a little I found one called Again, I thought it was a joke website. Its not. I first thought this because it seems kinda silly right? To say something that offensive and uneducated. And on it was a little box with a label stating: # of people that god has sent to hell since you have been on this website. This really seemed rediculous to me so I started looking for a place where it would say that it is a joke website. It never did.


So I guess its real? Is it? I did not look too closely because I really don't want to be right. When I started thinking it might be real, I was not thinking about how ridiculous it is and how weird extremists are. Th e message of pure hate that the WBC is sending out made me almost want to cry. I am an atheist and therefore 'dammed to hell' and when people tell me that I am likely to engage in a debate but reading this, I could not feel any other feeling of disappointment. Disappointment within people.

Does anyone else feel this way? I just want to see your reactions to this, and want to know what you think.

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I am looking for the article where I read that she was roman catholic.. Irregardless I think it is sickening that they are protesting funerals!

"We picket the funerals to make these vital points to the living!" Phelps-Roper said. "If you heed, it is life and health and peace and safety.

"God sent the shooter! Praise God for ALL his works, and BE YE THANKFUL!."

That was another quote that was made by them.

Wow... Thats not even really her choice. Its mostly her parents. And don't worry, I don't even know you Jennifer, but if your willing to post on this free thinking website then thoese probably arnt your own words.

It was hard to read this for two reasons, 1) because it followed no logic what so ever and 2) the font was kinda dark... I suggest highlighting it so you can read better. But as for figuring it out... dont look at me, I'm lost.

Thanks for giving me a reason :) Even if I disagree its good important to know why. (it will never be good :(  )

I have been having problems with the font on my end too.
I agree it is insane..

But I had to know why they wanted to picket at the little girls funeral.. I am still looking for that article.. It seems the person I know on Facebook who posted it might have taken it down, I am gonna have to go see if I can find it.. else where.

Or that she was the daughter of someone who is a 'baby killer'.  (Pro choice?)


We all know God enjoys sharing sin between parents and children and for many generations for the iniquity of the parents.  


Technically , based off the bible , Fred Phelps is correct.  

They go to many places and protest.  But they are protested almost everywhere they go.  The law protecting people's rights is one thing, but I think these people over-step their rights more than should be allowed.  For fuck sake they ostracize any one family member that doesn't share their views from the family completely.  Can you imagine everyone you've ever loved disowning you?!  That's fucked up.  My respect for human life does not necessarily include people like these. 
They want to suffer.  It's the only way they feel like they have of making "daddy" happy.  Sick fucks.  Trapped in an infantile anal retentive mind warp.

I would like to agree with the "Let them picket without police protection so they can learn that free speech has consequences" but they would die. I do not support that. 

I am an athiest and I find this

"ALL xtians should suffer needlessly.  That's all they understand"

incredibly offensive. Its not true.

Please please PLEASE do not send out hate. I think that the WBC has that covered. I agree that they are sick in the mind but we do not need any more hate in the world.

These people need help and hating on them only makes them more convinced in the belief that others are evil.

There is enough hate in this world it doesn't even need support.. I don't support hate of anything even though I don't agree with religion I don't hate people who choose to practice it..
Much as I admire your sentiment and much as I hate to say it:  If you let them know you are an atheist, they will probably give you a reason to hate them.
You know i have lost a huge part of my family because I am an Atheist and they are believes. I don't hate them for being brain washed and I don't hate the ones who brain washed them.. I see it as I have evolved in thinking past them.. I don't need a god to explain everything, if they do that is fine, I do hate the fact that they dropped me all because I would not worship their god with them. But what ever, life is as it is..


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