Today I was doing something online, (I really don't remember how it started i think from here) and I saw something about god hating shrimp. I thought that was pretty funny so I went to the website just for fun.  It pokes fun at extremists by saying "why stop at protesting gays? shellfish is a sin too!!!" It is just a joke website with a bit of a message about how ridiculous extremists can be. 

As I look into the website a little I found one called Again, I thought it was a joke website. Its not. I first thought this because it seems kinda silly right? To say something that offensive and uneducated. And on it was a little box with a label stating: # of people that god has sent to hell since you have been on this website. This really seemed rediculous to me so I started looking for a place where it would say that it is a joke website. It never did.


So I guess its real? Is it? I did not look too closely because I really don't want to be right. When I started thinking it might be real, I was not thinking about how ridiculous it is and how weird extremists are. Th e message of pure hate that the WBC is sending out made me almost want to cry. I am an atheist and therefore 'dammed to hell' and when people tell me that I am likely to engage in a debate but reading this, I could not feel any other feeling of disappointment. Disappointment within people.

Does anyone else feel this way? I just want to see your reactions to this, and want to know what you think.

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I like this idea.  It's too bad it didn't give Fred Phelps a heart attack : (

If you want to know why they are the way they are, check out this biography of their patriarch, Fred.  He truly is a monster, who literally forced his children to sell candy door to door, was suspected of having something to do with the death of his son's girlfriend, and was disbarred for ethical violations......among a host of other atrocious behaviors.  I don't wonder why they are the way they are....I know.  It's because of Fred.  (BTW--I think he is also a closet homosexual himself, as he never had an interest in girls until he married his wife.  And as he is so adamantly against it akin to Eddie makes sense)

You should read his sons website. Read about his childhood and his escape. It breaks my heart so think that not only is he full of hate, but he abused his children/wife!

And yes... It might make sense...

I am not sure if I agree with limiting their rights to picket or not.  


What are they really achieving other than disgracing themselves on an epic scale every time they do something so vile and distasteful?  

I agree it's disgusting ... but so is the KKK marching through a town where a new black person just settled.  


Or rallies that have countless signs stating 'God hates fags' signs.  I don't like the idea of limiting their abilities to organize and state their opinions even if it does make me want to cringe.  


It reminds me of muslims who express violent distaste for criticizing their beliefs ... who is to judge whether something should be illegal for offensive reasons?  I certainly do not wish to be the person who makes the law , even if it does prevent filthy scumbags like the WBC from being well , filthy scumbags.  



I agree with these limits. How do you think the girls parents feel? They had probably imagined her growing up, graduating high school, going off to collage, getting married etc... To have their daughter taken away from them in that fashion and then having people protest for no other real reason then publicity... That's just pure cruelty. Do they even have a reason to protest?

Im not trying to seem rude to you or argue with you but I dont believe that the girls parents and friends will see the wbc disgracing themselves, I think they will see it as a slap in the face after a big loss.

Good points all around.  Do we even know what the WBC is going to say at the picketing?  Is it going to have anything at all to do with the little girl , or is it just to throw some signs up that spread hate?  


I suppose if they don't have a reason to picket they shouldn't be allowed , but what if they feel the little girl died because homosexuals are making god angry , and this is gods way of punishing the family ?  I don't care how twisted and psychotic their picketing seems to be, it is still freedom of speech.  They are not physically harming anyone ... I also don't like the entire 'The family will be in mourning and it will cause unnecessary stress' ... as practically anyone can claim this at any time.  


I don't think it should really matter how old the person is or how they died ... that seems to be a bit arbitrary ... as Keely mentioned , there are laws preventing this at funerals in general ..,


I am curious to see what the legal reasons are for preventing the picketing.


(I hope I don't sound like a cold hearted bastard here, just trying to keep my emotions out of it.)   

Well you do but you are doing so to use a clear mind and logic. (something that WBC needs to learn!) I guess the big issue I am arguing here is because of the emotions. I agree that anyone can claim that, but putting myself in the girls parents shoes I would be hysterical about and during the whole thing.

The WBC reasons are below.

I would like to know the legal reasons too. Does anyone have them?

Holy shit.  58 - 0 and 29 - 0 ... 


So it's really a limiting law ... are megaphones good for 300 feet?  


Even though I despise religion, I would myself wear some of those angel wings.  That is a brilliant idea.  


Thanks for the information!  I think this is a victory that even I can agree with

: D

I know I support freedom of speech in every single way, but I really hope that there will be a limitation on this funeral. I dont want to single her out and say other funrals are worthy of that hate. Im not trying to say that but... she is a 9 year old girl!!!! The only reason they are going is for attention!!!!!! Really what could she have done wrong?!?! I am very happy that they are trying to do something about this.

Wow... Thats not even really her choice. Its mostly her parents. And don't worry, I don't even know you Jennifer, but if your willing to post on this free thinking website then thoese probably arnt your own words.

It was hard to read this for two reasons, 1) because it followed no logic what so ever and 2) the font was kinda dark... I suggest highlighting it so you can read better. But as for figuring it out... dont look at me, I'm lost.

Thanks for giving me a reason :) Even if I disagree its good important to know why. (it will never be good :(  )

Or that she was the daughter of someone who is a 'baby killer'.  (Pro choice?)


We all know God enjoys sharing sin between parents and children and for many generations for the iniquity of the parents.  


Technically , based off the bible , Fred Phelps is correct.  


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