Today I was doing something online, (I really don't remember how it started i think from here) and I saw something about god hating shrimp. I thought that was pretty funny so I went to the website just for fun.  It pokes fun at extremists by saying "why stop at protesting gays? shellfish is a sin too!!!" It is just a joke website with a bit of a message about how ridiculous extremists can be. 

As I look into the website a little I found one called Again, I thought it was a joke website. Its not. I first thought this because it seems kinda silly right? To say something that offensive and uneducated. And on it was a little box with a label stating: # of people that god has sent to hell since you have been on this website. This really seemed rediculous to me so I started looking for a place where it would say that it is a joke website. It never did.


So I guess its real? Is it? I did not look too closely because I really don't want to be right. When I started thinking it might be real, I was not thinking about how ridiculous it is and how weird extremists are. Th e message of pure hate that the WBC is sending out made me almost want to cry. I am an atheist and therefore 'dammed to hell' and when people tell me that I am likely to engage in a debate but reading this, I could not feel any other feeling of disappointment. Disappointment within people.

Does anyone else feel this way? I just want to see your reactions to this, and want to know what you think.

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Exactly! No one's trying to prevent the WBC from stating their beliefs, they're just preventing them from verbally harassing people at a funeral. No one says anything about free speech when someone in a workplace makes lewd and inappropriate comments to a co-worker and is fired for sexual harassment.  Or when someone is escorted out of a concert hall or movie theatre for being too loud.  Or when a teacher is fired for swearing at their students. People are allowed to say whatever they want, but not necessarily wherever they want: there are times and places where certain speech is inappropriate and using it gets you into trouble, and making a funeral one of them doesn't violate anyone's civil rights. Being allowed to SAY whatever you want and being allowed to DO whatever you want aren't the same thing.
I pity the fool who has any sympathy for these people, even the children are taught to preach this message, and while I do pity the children, they are the scum of our society, that which has no place in a infinitely growing culture and country. Regrettably,  most of them are lawyers... they enrage me every time they protest a funeral, especially a child's. The only reason that they are tolerated is because they are following the rules... quite pitiful really, I'd imagine it as a cancer to our society.


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