Today I was doing something online, (I really don't remember how it started i think from here) and I saw something about god hating shrimp. I thought that was pretty funny so I went to the website just for fun.  It pokes fun at extremists by saying "why stop at protesting gays? shellfish is a sin too!!!" It is just a joke website with a bit of a message about how ridiculous extremists can be. 

As I look into the website a little I found one called Again, I thought it was a joke website. Its not. I first thought this because it seems kinda silly right? To say something that offensive and uneducated. And on it was a little box with a label stating: # of people that god has sent to hell since you have been on this website. This really seemed rediculous to me so I started looking for a place where it would say that it is a joke website. It never did.


So I guess its real? Is it? I did not look too closely because I really don't want to be right. When I started thinking it might be real, I was not thinking about how ridiculous it is and how weird extremists are. Th e message of pure hate that the WBC is sending out made me almost want to cry. I am an atheist and therefore 'dammed to hell' and when people tell me that I am likely to engage in a debate but reading this, I could not feel any other feeling of disappointment. Disappointment within people.

Does anyone else feel this way? I just want to see your reactions to this, and want to know what you think.

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I would like to agree with the "Let them picket without police protection so they can learn that free speech has consequences" but they would die. I do not support that. 

I am an athiest and I find this

"ALL xtians should suffer needlessly.  That's all they understand"

incredibly offensive. Its not true.

Please please PLEASE do not send out hate. I think that the WBC has that covered. I agree that they are sick in the mind but we do not need any more hate in the world.

These people need help and hating on them only makes them more convinced in the belief that others are evil.

There is enough hate in this world it doesn't even need support.. I don't support hate of anything even though I don't agree with religion I don't hate people who choose to practice it..
Much as I admire your sentiment and much as I hate to say it:  If you let them know you are an atheist, they will probably give you a reason to hate them.
You know i have lost a huge part of my family because I am an Atheist and they are believes. I don't hate them for being brain washed and I don't hate the ones who brain washed them.. I see it as I have evolved in thinking past them.. I don't need a god to explain everything, if they do that is fine, I do hate the fact that they dropped me all because I would not worship their god with them. But what ever, life is as it is..

I'm going to take the high road on this one. I the first time I was told that god hates me and I'm going to hell was in third grade.(I was not rasied an atheist, my family simply did not go to church and practice religion. ) I'm used to this. Also the fact that when I meet my parents friends I know what is going through their mind : Ah this is the girl from blahblah's school that has no morals. Harlot.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will hurt forever. I may be a teenager but when people tell me I'm going to hell I respect their beliefs and don't let it hurt me.

I may make a big deal out of things because I'm in high school but life will go on. Give me a reason, its not going to kill me.

I was agreeing with you Grace! and I still do, pushing hate around solves nothing..

Teaching to counteract hate with hate is never going to solve the problems!

I'm so sorry! I was commenting on Mo Trauen's post. I did not mean to offend you at all. I did not see your comment earlier. I am not allowed to tell some of my family that I am an atheist because it will cause problems too. I get it :(

It is no problem I know sometimes these things put the replies in places where i didn't reply, I just wanted to make sure that you knew I agree with you..

I didnt' mean to come across cross there.. I am sorry about that.. Just reread it and noticed I sounded short.

@doone I am learning that.. Slowly but surely I am learning this place thank you for pointing that out..
But I DO.
Enjoy being offended, then.  I stand by this comment.  Xtians have had way too much power,  and they've used it like the fools they are.

So hate is the only way to end hate?

It is the only way to make things right for us?

I would rather not hate but find away to make some symbol of peace.. But that is just me.

Oppression does not end oppression it just makes the bigger oppressive view strike back harder, and with more force than it did to begin with.


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