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Yeah, you were created for nobility. The universe was created for you. You're the center of the universe. The sun revolves around you.

Oh wait.

I find it very amusing that you think nobility is something inherent, something you are born into. You might be better off staying at your local church, they'll appreciate your naive arrogance there.

And if you're a biologist who thinks we were made with magic and a handful of dirt... lol

Ha ha, are you kidding?  Seriously?  I said this is the Christian view, I didn't say it was mine.  I came on here wondering if the atheists had anything better. 

I never said nobility was something inherent. It is the others on here who are talking about it.  Right now, religion doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  But some of the stuff that gets talked about on here is even more unreasonable. 

What is wrong with you that you are unable to read what someone writes and understand it?  Sorry, but don't try to put it on me.  What I said was pretty plain.

Get a grip.

You can't know whether it's unreasonable or not since your views are warped as a theist.

If you look up the words noble and nobility in a dictionary the in definitions I see nothing that would prevent any human being regardless of their position on god from being noble and/or having feelings of nobility. Nobility for an atheist is a human emotion or condition not something granted by a god.

If you came to hear reasons for being an atheist then you'd be better off starting a thread asking us why we are atheist. Or better yet visit that section in some of our profiles so we don't have to restate our reasons for the billionth time.

Well, I apologize.  But I'm not looking for people's reasons why they are atheists.  I'm just looking to understand things about life, the same as everybody.  But I when I see something that doesn't seem internally coherent, I question it.  You may not see any reason why it isn't coherent, but I do.  If a person isn't welcome to question that or discuss it, that's fine.  But then the site shouldn't be called "Think Atheist", it should be called "Don't Think Atheist."

Thanks, I'll move on.

Don't move on, Go Away, stick around and question what I've said at least.  I need people to knock it down and pull it to pieces. 

First, "Go Away," you'll have to excuse kOrsan - most of his comments are angry, sarcastic and bitter.

Secondly, why, in the emails I get, telling me you've commented, does it say you're "Elisabeth Decima." rather than, 'Go Away"?

Lastly, Simon started this discussion because he's curious about, and/or researching the Human condition, and is seeking comments and opinions. If you're looking to find topics concerning reasons for becoming an atheist, there are many that we've had and are likely archived somewhere - you'll just have to search.

If, on the other hand, you want to taste vanilla, and from that, decide you don't like ice cream, then of course, that's your prerogative - we've never yet forced anyone to stay and participate.

Damn, I didn't check your profile before. It says age 13-18.

That explains quite a lot, including that you're not a biologist. I have no time for teenies.

We can learn a lot from teenies.

Yeah, I'm sure they have it all figured out.

Go Away -  please ignore Korsan. 

"Why would anyone wish, as you say, for human beings to be nobler than they are?  Where would the idea of nobility even come from?"

I just want to see how things are: and how noble human beings are is a factor in analyzing and determining explicit rational motivations for human goodness. 

"Nobility", a vague word, refers in this case to disinterested altruism. 

Desire is a key to happiness and suffering. It is possible to control desire. The three main paths are: 1) fulfill desire, 2) change or alter desire and, 3)  stop obtaining desire.  Happiness pertains to a selection among the many ways of obtaining and fulfilling desire. In some cases, the fulfillment of certain desires fosters more of the same desire - one gets involved in a perpetual cycle.  On the other hand, there are some desires that when fulfilled allow for more interesting and fun desires to come into experience for modification, or fulfillment.


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