I'm sure everyone has heard that France, the United States, and the UK have launched air attacks on Gaddafi. Gaddafi has said "no mercy" in his attempt to retain power and he supports terrorism. I think what we are doing is a humanitarian effort to stop a lunatic from hurting people who aren't able to really defend themselves. 


Now, I've been reading comments made on both American and British news websites. The majority of Americans keep referring to the Iraq/Afghanistan war as a comparison. They claim we're going in for oil or refer to things like "oh next they're gonna tell us they have weapons of mass destruction." Do they not see that it is 3 countries-not just the US- standing up for citizen's rights? Obama also said that ground troops will not be deployed. A lot of the comments I've heard/seen have ignored that statement and they compare Obama to George Bush. The comments made on British sites seem to also have the same views-oil. I really don't see it? Now, if we launch an all out war against Libya, I might just change my mind.


I wanted to post this to see other like-minded people's opinions from around the world. What are your views?

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You bring up a good point. We're all ready so deep in the hole that I'm not sure we'll ever see a "debt-free" country, at least not in my lifetime. Where's this money to fund the war coming from anyways?
You can not fight a war by just bombing the enemy from over head! Ground troops are inevitable if you're going to win the war. The U.S. and allies will have to go from house to house to drive the Gadhafi troops out. When will we ever learn! Just like the old folk song, "Where Have all the Flowers Gone?" Listen to the lyrics and learn something. History continues to repeat itself. If people think trying to get rid of dictators by bombing them will succeed, then they haven't been around long enough to learn their lesson. I'd like to see a bomb dropped on the Vatican because of the support of pedophelia worldwide by the Pope. Priorities... yeah right! I'm not bitter! B.S.
I hope that we don't send in ground troops but who knows how this will end, or have to end. Realistically, I don't really see us not sending them in though.

I think it will be France and UK which initially supply the combat troops, the US has a good claim on being overstretched. Or you might see other countries starting to offer more troops to Afghanistan to resupply the US, so indirectly sending in the troops.

In either event, I think there will be just about enough support in Libya after Gadaffi to avoid any protracted situation, granted whoever takes office does not committ genocide and allow parts of the old regime to stay on condition of immunity. There are no allies of Gadaffi right now, even Russia and China tacitly accept it.

I absolutely agree here, I only wish I could have put it in the same words. lol It very much feels like a situation we will be "Putting a lid on", and if/when it does become shaken up again, won't be too difficult to contain.
It will be interesting to see if the EU and Arab countries will abide by the Pottery Barn principle (you break it, you buy it) if shit starts heading south.
Bush 2 'poisoned the well'. His criminal invasion of Iraq has soured us on foreign wars. Someone persuaded Obama to 'buy into' Bush's blunder. Why don't the rulers of Saudi Arabia, etc. do a little 'police work' here ?

I really, really don't want a bunch of Saudis running the middle east unchecked.. That is a major mistake which will have severe consequences. It was to a large extent extremist from this very country that inspired the Taliban and the terror attacks.

Yeah, the blunder in Iraq is pretty bad, and the price of that mistake is the quagmire you are in. Obama's hand is forced, he is unable to get out without creating a massive geopolitical issue in case a hostile Iran decides to test the boundaries.

my dear,

So, what to do?...let  Gaddafi continue in his crimes

.. there is no choice..believe me......

and Saudi Arabia is not running the middle east.. not at all.. this is called "a legal war" this is the whole idea.

Saudi Arabia has it's strategic position in the middle east..and Obama is indeed an intelligent leader by choosing this resolution .

Don't worry, I'm not saying the US should sit out this one, or any other geopolitical event for that matter. I make the point on the previous page.

I have a libyan friend of mine she wrote about this on TA..I was very concern about her!!


I hope she's okay now...


Anyway they have to stop that Gaddafi monster as soon as possible..

I agree.

& I do hope that girl is okay...

I think this entire operation would be viewed in a completely different light if we didn't have the other war in progress....still....


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