I'm sure everyone has heard that France, the United States, and the UK have launched air attacks on Gaddafi. Gaddafi has said "no mercy" in his attempt to retain power and he supports terrorism. I think what we are doing is a humanitarian effort to stop a lunatic from hurting people who aren't able to really defend themselves. 


Now, I've been reading comments made on both American and British news websites. The majority of Americans keep referring to the Iraq/Afghanistan war as a comparison. They claim we're going in for oil or refer to things like "oh next they're gonna tell us they have weapons of mass destruction." Do they not see that it is 3 countries-not just the US- standing up for citizen's rights? Obama also said that ground troops will not be deployed. A lot of the comments I've heard/seen have ignored that statement and they compare Obama to George Bush. The comments made on British sites seem to also have the same views-oil. I really don't see it? Now, if we launch an all out war against Libya, I might just change my mind.


I wanted to post this to see other like-minded people's opinions from around the world. What are your views?

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"Who is like the Beast and Who can make war with it"- The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto his servant John.


EU ?, NATO?, Allies? synonyms for the new World Order that the Bush heralded. And with Rompuy, the  EU   President calling for a one world government, the Revised Roman Empire spoken by the prophets is just around the corner.

No I'm a resident Theist. So I've been called.
Michael, the bible can be used to make any point you care to - IT"S ALL IN THERE. For myself, I'll go with History & science. Hell, I'd go with comic books before I'd go with scripture, as I've read too many history books detailing the composition of THAT dumb book.
Do not feed. DO NOT FEED!!!
Agreed. I refuse to feed the delusional.

Seeing as I come fom the very home of trolls, you may be interested to know that according to mythology, they only feed upon Christian blood (according to Asbjørnsen and Moe).

I wholeheartedly support trolls! ;)

The faithful have been called worst. Even set on fire on Vatican hill by Nero Caesar.

Later scourged from the face of the earth by the Pagan Roman Rites, Catholicism and Orthodoxy.


Continuing through the inhuman Inquisitions.  So you are back by a cloud of  darkness to incite your cause. 

Though Rome and Constantinople (Istanbul) have been prophesied to blow life into the image of the Beast (The Revised Roman Empire) , even as it makes war with the called and faithful, in the future it will be consigned to the flames. Thus with violence shall Babylon the Mysterious be destroyed, the Mother Harlots and every abomination upon the earth. 




So you worship a death cult that wants to kill everyone who disagrees.. Good on ya.


We are counted as sheep gone to slaughter. It is because of the death of the martyrs dead in Christ, the earth is trembling as a woman in travial and shall work up to a crecendo at his coming and the dead in Christ shall rise.

As you may have noticed, English is not my first language. In fact, I subcounciously translate anything written in English to my native language. Unfortunately, what you wrote does not make any sense to me in any way, and my speculation is that it is due to everyting you just wrote being expressions i don't know or words which have a certian emotional response that is not the same when translate to my language.

Could you please restate previous sentence such that the possible causes of me not understanding anything cannot be attributed to above mentioned speculations?

 Pagan Roman parochial authorities have killed the Holy and elect people from Nero setting thousands on fire on Vatican Hill up through the Inquisitions. 

As such Rome and Istanbul (Constantinople)  are drunk with the blood of the martyrs.

As such this has precipitated great tribulation upon earth up until the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. But Rome and Constantinople  (the two horns of the beast that  looked like a lamb but spoke like a dragon) and all of its daughter cities around the world shall not be spared an earthquake bigger than any since man has been upon the planet, prior to the second coming. 

To answer your post, I am in favor of getting rid of this tyrant.

In addition, I feel the need to bring to the fore some quotes to compare, as for a sector of the public and the media there seem to be "good" wars (eg Libya) and "bad" wars (eg Iraq):

'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world...'
- Barack Obama, 03/19/2011

'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger...'
- George W. Bush, 03/19/2003

Some further comparisons (ok, tongue in cheek):

Iraq – blood for oil, war for neocon corporate interests and U.S. hegemony only
Libya – no blood, no oil. Obama’s motives are pure because, well, good women are running the show for him – Hillary, Susan, Samantha – and everyone knows that when women (and the French of course) run a war good things happen!

Iraq – weapons of mass destruction... what weapons of mass destruction?
Libya – no weapons of mass destruction because, well, okay, because Bush invaded Iraq and Gaddafi shit his pants and gave up his nukes. Pshew!

Iraq – benign dictator who never hurt anyone, wasn’t a threat to his neighbors, did not support terrorists, and, through the Oil for Food program, only wanted to share his oil with Europe in exchange for food and medicine for his long suffering people.
Libya – Gaddafi is acting like a big jerk.

In light of the irrefutable evidence (that their protégé -the current President- is acting EXACTLY THE SAME as George W), I would love to see some people who have made a religion of insulting George W Bush and his legacy, to come to the front and say "I am sorry". And while we are at it, is it too late to return the Nobel Peace Prize?


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