Did you pass by the wager argument? an argument made by Blaise Pascal... A bet on God's existence... hmmm... just a thought to ponder.
YES -> if not exist, finite loss, if exist, infinite gain.
NO -> if not exist, finite gain, if exist, infinite loss.

(although i don't really accept his argument, just want to hear some comments)

a philosophical study. ;-).

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What if their "true God" really isn't the true God? What if the true God is a god nobody's ever even thought of in a million years and he's pissed that nobody's discovered him and worshiped him? XD
What if there's nothing to gain? This wager assumes the Christain god, and assumes that people have souls to go to an (assumed) afterlife. So what if there's a god but no souls? I've been whating to throw that in some theists face.
The problem I have with Christianity that I didn't recognize when I was a Christian myself is this whole nonsense idea of "get out of hell" free card. Well it's not really free. The price is single-mindedness and the fate of everybody else not like you. But no matter which way you slice it, it folds under the weight of its own absurdities. Do you get to heaven by faith alone and by believing in Christ as the savior? Great. God is a dick to non-Christians of the world just for their beliefs, and you can be a terrible person and still get to heaven as long as you're "honestly repentant." Do you get to heaven by being a good person? Then what was the purpose of the sacrifice if a Buddhist or an atheist or a pagan can get to heaven or indeed, what is the point of religion?

The whole story of Jesus hinges on the Genesis story of humans being utterly terrible because the first humans were tricked by a talking snake into eating a magical apple. Without this stipulation, the Jesus story becomes meaningless, as does the sacrifice, which becomes a pointless death. I don't think any sane person believes most of what's in the OT and certainly not the Genesis story anymore. The more you pick apart the Bible, the more it falls apart except to those who buy into the blurry interpretations by "the proper authorities".


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