So I don't know if you've noticed, but there's been no Sunday School from Nelson for 3 weeks! It's something I looked forward to every Sunday. I figured that if I did, some one else probably did, too.

I don't know if his posts were something that he did on his own or what, but I decided that I'd just go ahead and step up until Nelson either comes back from wherever, I'm told to not to do this, or I can't do it for whatever circumstance. Without further ado...

With the recent publicity of Roy Costner, Hemant Mehta points out another similar situation where the school administrators turned off the microphone when the student veered from his remarks to talk about Jesus.

Jerry Coyne gives a two part rebuttal to two different posts by Eric Macdonald which Jerry says espouse three themes: “the failures of New Atheism, especially its inability to replace what religion gives people; the dangers of scientism, which Eric apparently sees as a pervasive and destructive attitude; and the fact that there are Ways of Knowing other than science.”

Over at rationally speaking, Leonard Finkelman takes on the concept of “de-extinction.”

Christian apologist, Calum Miller, takes on William Lane Craig and the Kalam Argument pointing out where it fails. Let's hope more Christian apologists follow suit.

Stephen King was recently interviewed by NPR and insinuated that the godless are missing out on the wonder and beauty of the world because they don't believe. Archaeologist and writer, Brian Switek replies over at National Geographic.

While on the topic of archeology...
By analyzing ratios of stable carbon isotopes in ancient hominin teeth, it seems that our ancient ancestors didn't eat a so called “paleo” diet.

The oldest fossilized record of cancer was found in a 120,000 year old rib of a Neanderthal.

Looks like Archeopteryx isn't the earliest in the bird lineage. That distinction may now belong to a small dinosaur found in China that lived approximately 160 million years ago, Aurornis Xui.

Also in China, Archicebus achilles, a tiny primate fossil was unearthed that may be the link between tree-dwelling primates and tarsiers since it has many physical traits of both.

A team of researchers has figured out what makes ancient roman concrete stronger and more durable then modern concrete: lime, volcanic stone, and seawater. This could lead to not just stronger structures, but could reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry where the creation of Portland cement, the glue that holds together modern concrete, accounts for 7% of industrial carbon dioxide output.

In our oceans...

The Great Barrier Reef is losing coral at an “alarming rate.”

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute release pictures of trash and other human debris that has fallen thousands of meters to the sea floor.

The NOAA predicts a higher than average number of named storms this hurricane season giving it a “70% likelihood of 13 to 20 named storms” partially due to “warmer-than-average water temperatures in the tropical Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.”


The WHO confirms a 31st death related to MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus).

The WHO has very real concerns that Saudi Arabia isn't doing enough to locate the source of the virus. Since we still don't know the infection rate, source, or incubation time, there is potential for a global pandemic as Ramadan approaches.

If you haven't heard of MERS-CoV, here's a FAQ from the CDC.

In Space...
Data from the Cassini mission shows complex hydrocarbons in the upper atmosphere of Titan that aggregate to form aerosols in the lower atmosphere.

The Fermi Gamma-Ray telescope could be used to investigate an “intriguing hint of gamma-ray light” which might be linked to dark matter in the center of the galaxy by way of WIMPs.

The EFF...

The EFF gives a timeline of NSA and domestic spying and why even metadata can be revealing.

From the BBC...

Purdue University creates a “time cloak” that can hide photons from a stream and then blend the stream seamlessly back together as if the photons had never existed.

Thought-controlled quadrocopter!


Wal-Mart has been in some trouble recently. Protesters, some of whom who had restraining orders issued against them, gathered outside their annual stockholder meeting which featured appearance by Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, and Kelly Clarkson. Out of the four hour meeting, 15 minutes was devoted to time where shareholders could present proposals. Issues brought up were about Wal-Mart's refusal to join European retailers in a pact to improve safety in Bangladesh, executive pay vs. thecut hours and cut pay that Wal-Mart workers have faced, and fallout from widespread corruption in Wal-Mart practices in Mexico that surfaced last year. All of this comes on the heels of a report, admittedly written by Democratic congressional aides, about how one Wal-Mart supercenter in California costs the taxpayers there at least $904,000 annually.

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Thanks! Sunday School is what gets me through church!

It's only when you start to compile it that you understand how much time and effort it takes to do so on a regular basis. Thanks.

Oh yeah. And I had to find stuff and read it all, too! Not that I'm complaining about that part.

Great Job SH... you have been true to Nelson's format and found great stories as well.  I think he would appreciate your efforts!


Great work and thanks for compiling this.

Thanks so much! I've truly missed Sunday School. I appreciate your effort.

There is now a Sunday School group where all new contributions will be posted from now on.

Thank you SH, great reads!


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