Well, you heard it guys.  I guess the physicists can stop researching this one anymore.  The great one has spoken and shared his all-knowing wisdom with all of us.




Well, I guess Stephen Hawking can hang up his gloves now and go golfing.

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That made me giggle.  :)
He's not in the halibut of herring on the side of reason !!! (sorry - but head full of bad puns today) Just codding.
You've just started something amazing. Thank you that gave me a great laugh.

That wasn't PUNny

You should be PUNished


In Cod We Trust

So help me Cod

Frankly my dear, I don't give a clam

I lobster and then I flounder


On a cruise ship I worked on one contract, we had salmon on the menu every Tuesday- The puns started with us musicians then, spread to everyone...


Salmon Garfunkel

Paul Salmon

Salmon Says

Salmon Rushdie

Salmon Ella

Salmon Says

Salmon Dave

Salmon Chanted Evening

Like salmon in love

Salmon to watch over me


I tried smoked salmon once....I couldn't keep it lit...

and my lip smelled fishy for a week


Don't even get me started on veal...

I veal good

I veal like making love

Veals like the first time



I don't think Big Bang cosmology really needs a papal thumbs up. Rather it's the other way around. By accepting science (that can be reconciled with dogma) the Catholic Church, having thoroughly tested the opposite tactic first, hopes to secure it's claim on special access to knowledge of the truth and meaning of it all toward the future.

Ideally a random church authority shouldn't be ridiculed when they accept science, nor should they receive special praise for the exceptional case when they do something right. Ideally what they say should be no more relevant than any other layperson's view.

Yeah, it seems to me to go like this:

"No, you are wrong"

"I said, you are wrong"

"No, shut up, you are wrong!"

"We knew it was true all along! I'm serial, guys!"

The only reason the pope is giving science a "thumbs-up" now is because in the end, science will rule out religion as we know it.  Religion will adapt so that it can position itself as "verified" by science.  He's not 'accepting' the findings of science, so much as he has no choice, because he knows that religious-theism will never 'defeat' actual science.
Plus, by making this announcement the Pope can distract some of the media attention away from the Church's criminal activities. It's half the reason any announcement is made by the Catholic Church lately.


I can't recall how the saying goes, but a broken clock is right twice a day.


The pope has stumbled across ascientfic debate. But he's far, far, far, far from redeeming himself i'm afraid!

wow, I love this saying.  Never heard it before.

Protestantism - always 50 years behind the times.

Catholicism - 100 years.

Born-Again Christians - 200 years.

Islam - 300 years.

Don't worry, they're catching up. Just takes a while. :)

Yes they are really hip and modern with the Science stuff. I shall cook them some pancakes.

"In 1992, Pope John Paul II acknowledged in a speech that the Roman Catholic Church had erred in condemning Galileo 359 years earlier for asserting that the Earth revolves around the Sun."


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