The economy in the United States is in a collapse.  The Capitalist system does not work anymore; banks have become more powerful than our politicians.  The government now has a policy based around Fear and Greed.  The rich are getting richer and more powerful, while the great masses of America wallow in poverty.

Must we continue to exist in this passive state, only living to serve the rich and powerful?  Or do we, the great masses, stand up against the policies Fear, and Greed, and God?  We must break the bonds that separate us, we must pull down the centers of Greed and Fear and we must pull down the houses of God.  These borders are created to separate us into individuals where we can be controlled easier.

We must stand up, against the tyranny of the centers of Greed, and Fear, and God.  Quoting John Adams:  "People should not fear government, government should fear people."  Once we stand up to Fear, to Greed, to God, we will become united!

This being said, I advocate the collapse of the Capitalist system and the foundation of the United Socialist Federal Republic, in which the government will exist to serve the people.  Capitalism is Dead.  We must put it out of it's misery and move on toward Socialism.

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Where will low-cost labor come from after China develops in a first-world economy? Well, even before that, you'll have a movement of factory jobs from the Chinese coastal cities to the interior, which are much further behind. That will take decades. Then there's Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc. Finally, there will be Africa. The world will not run out of cheap labor in third-world countries in our lifetimes.

And it would be pointless to speculate as to what will happen when all those people enter the middle class, as there are not enough resources worldwide to support such a lifestyle for so many people.
Low cost labor? Yeah, those jobs may migrate to the interior. They also migrate to other countries like Vietnam.
When they solidify this within the next 15 years where will the slave labor come from since it currently is mainly located in China?
Thats whats happening to the US and Europe. The middle classes are being destroyed and subjigated. Eventually you will have a situation that is very similar to how China was 15 -20 years back.

Slave labor? I know working at Wal-Mart probably is no fun, but slave labor?

No, what you'll more likely see is the slow decline of middle class prosperity where there is a glut of college educated Americans working menial service jobs.
Question 1: What happens when more people want to be philosophers, computer programmers, film-makers, journalists, etc and not enough people want to become farmers?

Question 2: What happens when half of the "great masses" want better roads and the other half want more schools but there is only enough resources for one or the other?

Question 3(s): If every citizen has equal standing who decides the standard of equality? What will housing be like? Will everyone have a mansion or will everyone live in the lowest common denominator?

Question(s) 4: If I am a carpenter but everyone has enough chairs will I still get food from the farmer? Why do I deserve this food if I am no longer contributing to the greater social good? What if I am a carpenter but there are fifteen other carpenters in my city and not enough demand for our product - will I be forced to move my family to a town that does not have enough carpenters? Who would make that decision and from where do they get the authority to decide that I move and not someone else?

There's more, but my time is limited so these will suffice for now.
Well, I'll answer all of your questions Matt :).

Answer(s) 1: Well, in the beginning years there will be more focused push toward creating a surplus in supplies. Due keep in mind The United Socialist Federal Republic will be trading with the nations of the world, though we will try to be more self-sufficient. Rationing will be implemented in the early years, when much shifting from one government to another will be happening.

Answer(s) 2: More schooling of higher quality will be required. The most important thing for the public, is that they need to be educated. They need to be able to think and develop new ideas on their own. A work ethic needs to be implemented, where we will strive for the advancement of learning, where new technologies will be developed, which will affect the amount of resources we be getting, and thus a trickling down effect. Education is needed for technology to develop and thus increase resources that we have to implement a building program for roads.

Answer(s) 3: The standard of equality will be set as the way to treat fellow humans. Let me explain, every citizen will have everything they require to survive, naturally. The standard of equality will be set as the best way to treat others. This means that people will work toward the betterment of others and the equality will match that. As for housing, everyone will have what they need to survive. Why does a person living alone need a 4 bedroom house? Why is a family of 4 crammed into a two bedroom house? Your situation will match your needs to survive.

Answer(s) 4: If your community has a surplus of chairs, then you will stop producing chairs and you will work on another project that will assist the community. You changing from chairs to something else (ie tables), you will provide them for your community and you payment will still be in food. If there is a large surplus in your city of chairs, the government will take a certain portion of chairs to keep them in the surplus. Carpenters who are living alone will need to move--of course completely paid by the government--to areas that have a demand for chairs, thus helping the social good. Those who are left in the city will need to change what you produce to continue to provide for your city.

I await your further questions.
Only one more question for now, then I might be able to comment in a thoughtful manner.

Will there be property ownership of any kind? (By property I mean to include ownership of anything - actual land, material goods, intellectual property etc)
Your thoughts are your own, and the government will not impose on you what you should or should not believe, this sayings what ever you create you have full intellectual property ownership, you will be credited with discovering something for example, and this will be shared with humanity for its betterment.

Actual land and material goods, you will own in a sense. Everyone will own land and material goods, you will be credited with living on the land or owning a particular good, but those things will be open to everyone, thus creating an equal ownership, though keeping your thoughts your own
1. Did you ever hear of Robots and Automation?

2. That's a bullshit question but that's why there is democracy.

3. Again thats why there is democracy.

4. Bullshit question again.. Thats all down to management and administration.

There may be more but they will be bullshit.
Oh wow, you managed to reply in such a constructive manner that I am put to rout and now I have to crawl back into my dark little corner of the internet to cry.

Care to tell me why they're bullshit?

As far as I can see this discussion isn't about democracy - it is about a revolution to invest some kind of horizontalist socialist-libertarian fantasy state. Democracy and classless socialism don't work together.

1. If robots and automation were capable of farming to the extent of producing food for over 250 million people (or even the fraction that won't farm for themselves), then why are they not doing so?

2. See above re democracy.

3. See above re democracy.

4. You completely missed the point of the question. And in doing so invalidated your own democracy argument.

Got any more?
The failing stimulus is the affect of Greed, interacting and effecting policies. Corporations are the centers of Greed, and they become powerful and thus push things that will benefit them the most.

True that Socialism is difficult to achieve fully in large countries, the United States is a interesting country. Though large, the United States has a system in place which allows the U.S. to trade with multiple countries allowing--in a Capitalist view--money to traded for goods. The United States has this money, it is the Corporations that have taken the money.

In the new Socialist Federal Republic, the money will be taken from Corporations, all land will be taxed, including Church lands, the money will be taken from the rich and be used further advance the resources that we create, which in turn will assist the betterment of humanity.

Quite simple, really.
Well Greg, I am still in High school and I have not taken any economic classes, so why don't you explain how economics works without your personal input on how the world should be run. Neutrality is very nice thing. :)
I think im going to have to agree with greg, if you want something you MUST change it gradually when dealing with the public. No one is going for total socialism.. they just aren't buying into it.. >.> change the hearts and minds of the public..then you can try and change the government.


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