Since the tyranny of Christianity has proven itself selfish & hateful over & over again should we unleash everything and anything which would damage their reputation beyond comprehension?

I'm talking about waging war, but use information in which could seriously discredit their institutions

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We should wage a war on religions, whose teachings have set man against man and brother against brother over the ages. Religion clouds rational, logical thought processes and stunts scientific progress in a world which desperately needs it. I'm all for atheists "coming out" to ensure a revolution against religion in our time - for the sake of our children.

Yeah but are we really any better than the religious fundamentalists if we stoop to their level? There are a lot of theists who seem to think we are all exactly like Joseph Stalin at our core. I would prefer if we prove them wrong as an atheist war would damage our cause for freedom. 

I don't think a revolution has to involve violence. The simple dishing out of harmful information can really damage the reputation of religious institutions. 

I really meant (but did not say, I see) a revolution by means of words and electronic media to influence change. You are correct of course - no violence.

Ah ok, I misunderstood what your initially meant. I agree with you then

Dear Folks:

Does sanity work in this context? Church 'Reputation'? I would rather 'wage war' on my slugs. I tried the high road with these people for a long time. Like politicians, a bad reputation can be a marketing tool. They have had 2000 years to try every crazy method of creating belief! They can spin sanity to make it look like spoiled bread. Stop trying to make sense out of non-sense, you are just humoring them, and giving yourself a migrane.

So just sit back and do nothing is your answer? They keep trying to control gay rights and women's rights all the time. I'm not ok with this. Its not even a matter of what they believe but what they do with that belief. I'm not ok with this at all and therefore refuse to do nothing or be quiet about this.


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