Recently at school i was hanging out with my friends at lunch when i tripped and said "oh god", which is something i just do out of habit. when someone at my table jumped up and started screaming out of nowhere "THERE IS NO GOD, THERE IS NO GOD. DON'T SAY GOD HE DOESN'T EXIST!" i just shrugged it off and said "ok whatever dude". then he turns to someone else and starts talking about how easy it is to turn someone athiest. and saying that it only takes a sentence to change their minds. To which i responded "just because i said, oh god, doesn't mean i was christian in the first place, and jumping up and screaming, THERE IS NO GOD, doesnt turn people in to athiests it just makes them want to punch you in the face." and this isnt one of the brightest kids at the school. hes one of the ones who are atheist because their parents are religious and all they want to do is rebel.

Well that was my rant for the day. if you have any other stories similar to this please share them.

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I feel ya. I think that's what many people recall when they think of atheists--the non-intellectual shithead kid from high school who was "atheist" as a way of rebelling against authority. Unsurprisingly, these kids often claim to worship Satan, which contradicts their whole atheism claim. Idiocy. If I were you, I'd tell him to shut his mouth rather than giving the rest of us a bad name.
That's just... dumb. And if's just calling himself an atheist to rebel, he clearly hasn't put much, if any, thought into it, which is pretty evident by his oh-so-clever means of discussion (Screaming always works, really).
Haha... ya know what? This reminds me of the arguments Jesus made for himself being the Son of God.

"I'M THE SON OF GOD AND, BECAUSE I'M THE SON OF GOD, I CAN'T LIE! SEE! I'VE JUST PROVEN I'M THE SON OF GOD!" People thinks this actually validates him! Just because he said so... Really? What about David Koresh from Waco? He said HE was Jesus reincarnate.

Why do I compare the scenarios? 'cause I think it's dumb when anyone (even alleged atheists) make a claim and the statement itself is supposed to be evidence. Blarg.
They are everywhere & there's no escapin' 'em in society. I think of 'em as our redneck, christian equivalent. Heehaw...


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