I am curious to know some references etc or historical documents that can discuss how the doctrine of the trinity came about. Any of you former ministers/pastors etc...i want to understand it. It's my understanding that it's a matter of historical fact that it was invented, I just want to read all of that for myself. I also want to read something that discusses the history of the church......Any and all recommendations welcome. Thanks!!

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It just so happens I just got hold of some "icons" from a UK Greek Orthodox Church, and one of them is The Trinity, and there's a big leaflet all about the Trinity.  I'll see if I can extract some useful information for you. 

It's the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son.  (i.e. God and Jesus I presume).  In my opinion, the Holy Spirit or light is really the evolutionary pressure to thrive, which is actually miraculous when you think about it, and one of the primary driving forces in the living world.  It just fits the situation like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. 

Here is the intro to the leaflet: 

     "When the Spirit is in us, the Word from whom we receive him is also in us [i.e. presumably the scriptures], and in this Word is also the Father [i.e. God], so thus is realised what has been said: 'We will come to him and make our home with him' [i.e. union with virtuous and ethical perfection - the perfect expression of the pressure to thrive].  Where there is light, in fact [the pressure to thrive], there is also its splendor; and where there is splendor, there is likewise its efficaciousness, and its splendid grace. 

     "Just as grace comes to us from the Father [God] through the Son [Jesus], so we actively share in this gift only through the Holy Spirit [pressure to thrive - in its raw or refined form - i.e. amoral or ethical].  Thus, having become participants [religious, upright, conscious and spiritual], we enjoy the love of the Father [reap the benefits], the grace of the Son [reap the benefits], and the communion of the Holy Spirit [reap the benefits]." 

St Athanasius, Epistula I ad Serapionem; PG 26, 599BC

I know what the Trinity is, I'm more interested in understanding how it became a part of church doctrine......More like a seminary question I guess, lol

It's not biblical at all, but it was a scheme for the early church to portray Jesus as being divine and yet still technically worship one god. The holy spirit bit veils the obvious.. plus the gods of the ancients were often represented as triads.

This seems objective:


God is a jealous god, and let's face it, Christians are all about jesus..

Simon, you know better than to quote great swathes of religious literature here. Check the TA guidelines.

I understand your poiint, but in this case, it's intended as a very thorough answer to Belle's question.  It gives the history of the story and an explanation of the theology behind the eventual final version. 


This is a good read Belle. It covers the influences dating back centuries before christianity and the early church. I dont recall if the trinity is covered. But if you dont come away with the idea that Christianity is worse than worthless and that it is make-believe and filled with the antecedents of mythology in the ancient world then i will be surprised.

The author looks legit! Thanks for that Jake!!

Maah name aint Jake for Pete sake...it is Glen but I also go by Gentle Ben, not that i weigh six ten..

I give welcs back to you cuz you iz Belle and that is all true.

Diana rocks.

The trinity was the attempt to reconcile some aspects of the religion that were in direct conflict.

The Nicaea counsels for example involved many fights, some physical, over these issues. 

Essentially, they needed to account for Jesus being a man, so he could die for your sins, with him being a god, who therefore could not die for your sins, and, also being able to be resurrected.

Christianity is a hybridization of almost all of the ancient religions, so, also needed to incorporate aspects of these religions into one cohesive entity.

They essentially concluded that he had to simply be a man and a god at the same time, and his own father, and, the "holy spirit" was the connection, so that he could be all three, at the same time, with no conflict.

Yes, its a flawed and ridiculous solution, albeit, the flawed ridiculous demographic bought it hook line and sinker.

This was helped by killing/banishing/imprisoning any who pointed out the discrepancies or god forbid, the ridiculousness of any aspect of the religion.

After that, its all like arguing over what cheese mighty mouse preferred.


Extra sharp cheddar!


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