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I'd consider some of these regions as long term Islamic territories, to clarify... my question was more directed to recent waves of immigration, and I'm only slighty abreast with the "fear of Islamification" in Australia, and much less so in other 'Westernised countries" down under and pacific rim Asian countries. I found the rest of your posts very instructive and was hoping for more of the same... :)
Ben - they are called "Muslims" and I don't follow you, what do you mean that "they don't argue the way we do?" If you mean to say "they aren't like us... so they are a threat" then keep in mind, that that may be considered intolerance. Many Muslims are a peaceful people, and we should respect their right to worship as they please and practice their lives as they please as well. We have no right to stop them, unless they sart inciting violence or stepping on the rights of others.
Hi Kris,

Nice post . . . but I would point out that Islam is the undisputed world champion of xenophobia.
Good insights, Fred.

Goodnight :-)
Great interview video. I really like that man. It's amazing how freely a Muslim can think and express himself in the West (as opposed to Muslim countries).

Nonetheless, he's taking a risk and putting a target on his back.
Hi Fred,

People, in general, are the same everywhere . . . they just want to live in peace. They keep to themselves and hope for the best. These are the quiet masses. But there's other folks who are passionate about their beliefs. These are the squeaky wheels. These minorities have a way of controlling agendas -- even for the majorities.

If most religious folks (no matter the religion) are nice people, why does religion cause so much problems? It's because of the minorities . . . the fundamentalists. Because of the fundamentalists, it can be fairly asserted that the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have been THE most persistently divisive influence in the history of mankind.

For the sake of mankind, we need to find a way to silence those squeaky wheels once and for all.
REAL!!! Europe is being flooded by Muslims that refuse to be tolerant of anyone but themselves. I have nothing against muslims personally! Many of them are very nice and good peopls, many are even patriotic and accepting of tolerance and humanist values. But.... far too many that wouldn't hesitate to barbeque a person for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed or writing a criticism of him are invading the west. When so many religious people who live their lives with as much intolerance and murderous rage as medieval christan crusaders are invading the secular world in huge numbers, then it is no joke to say that radical Islam is as much or more of a threat to Europe [especially] as fundamentalist christanity is to America.
Oh puhleeezzzeee, doone,

The most murderous people in the history of civilization are the Muslims. Their savage history, particularly in India, is without compare, except, maybe, with Hitler's concentration camps.

Many historians have pointed this out . . . in terms of sheer numbers, the Indians have suffered more than anybody else at the hands of conquering foreign powers (Muslims).
The world-famous historian, Will Durant, has written in his Story of Civilisation that "the Mohammedan conquest of India was probably the bloodiest story in history".

Check out "The Magnitude of Muslim Atrocities".

Actually, Islamic revisionist historians have tried their best (without success) to hide the 8 centuries of atrocities committed against HIndus in India.

The Islamic invasion started with the assault of Muhammad bin Qassim in 712 on the order of Hajjaj, the governor of what is now Iraq, and it took until 1690 for the Muslim rulers to conquer India completely.

The Bahmani sultans in central India, who ruled for 2 and a half centuries, made it a rule to kill 100,000 Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur killed 100,000 Hindus IN A SINGLE DAY, and many more on other occasions.

The Tears of Jihad: 270 million killed by political Islam

The "Tears of Jihad" are a rough estimate of the number of deaths of non-Muslims by the political act of Jihad.

Africa 120 million Africans

Christians 60 million Christians

Hindus 80 million Hindus

Buddhists 10 million Buddhists

Actually, it looks like Africans have gotten the worst end of the stick. I presume that many, if not most, of these deaths are related to the slave trade.

Most (90%) of Muslims who are killed are killed by other Muslims.
The diaspora of muslims across the planet are a double threat: Islamification and re-Christianification (in the reactionary sense), I'd like to say re-Judeaification, but I'm less certain of that one...

But it's definitely real, I see it happening in Canada, our "accepting" culture "accepts" the religious zealoutry of newly arriving immigrants, which brings religion much closer to the forefront of social/political life in Canada, which I am in complete disagreement with. On this point alone, I am in total agreement with French President Sarkozy. I reckon extreme right-wingers are not wrong 100% of the time, only 95% of the time.
It definitely has some Christians in an uproar: http://oursovereignjoy.blogspot.com/2011/01/damnable-islamization-o...

Interesting video. However, it seems to be a pet project of FAUX News and I truly doubt their integrity on these matters...


Your link was a second removed link (by a extreme right-winger) to an excerpt posted on youtube from the film "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West" which managed to get a 6.9 vote on IMDB, which is not nothing, but not great either, as far as documentaries go.


This movie was brought to you by the following among others:

1- Yigal Carmon (Hebrew יגאל כרמון) is the president and founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Colonel, Israeli Army Intelligence from 1968-88 Acting head and adviser on Arab affairs, Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, 1977-1982

2- Raphael Shore is an Israeli-Canadian film writer, producer, and Rabbi employed full time by Aish HaTorah. He is the founder of The Clarion Fund, a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the idea that the United States faces a threat of radical Islam. Shore is also a regular critic of the media coverage on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, coverage which he alleges is regularly anti-Israel. (LMAO)

3- Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Funny how ADL supports this hateful propaganda. You can never tell by reading their "Anti-Defamation" name title.


I trust the integrity of Israeli propaganda as much as I trust FAUX news...


I am really open to hating Islam, believe me, but certainly no more than I hate Israel or Christianity at large. There is plenty of materials available on the topic, especially since Jewish interests are so huge and so eager to say anything anti-Islam. I just don't like overtly biased people who control international politics with corruption and money.


And this film seems to be a part of that. I think it's quite dangerous that we use right-wing pro-Israeli productions to fight our anti-religious battle. I don't want to participate in anything that strengthens those factions of society.


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