Hi guys! I have been building a Think Atheist Splash Page for a while now and I wanted to showcase what I have done so far. I would like your feed back on it.


This is a effort to showcase the think atheist community with out being overwhelmed by the community all in one hit. So for example, when a new person types in "www.thinkatheist.com" they will be brought to the splash page.


Here is the link:



Keep in mind there is some formatting code still in there so just ignore it. Also the contact forum does not work so don't waste your time trying it out.


Thanks for your support and enjoy playing around with the super slick scrolling feature :]

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What else would you like to see there instead?
Yeah I can change that :] I am the wallpaper master haha...

I personally don't like being asked for donations all the time (from the various sites I subscribe to) and am sometimes really turned off by it. It's not that I don't want to donate, but I don't like being pushed all the time.

But you may have a better reason for wanting it there than I do for not... ?
((reminds me of when the pastor asked/insisted on tithe))
I really really like it! It's a lot less intimidating than the real page (not that I don't like the real page!). Simple, easy to read. Very nice!
Thanks Mallory for the kind words! :]
You're very welcome! I will admit, it took me a couple of weeks to join here because the front page has so much going on all the time. Now that I've had some time to digest it all, I love it! But I think having a page like that, one that's easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, fun to click on, will make people much more inclined to join this awesome group of people you've created. I do owe you a thanks for that, btw. I thought I was alone for a long time. Now I'm not. :)
BTW I added a neat little "UP" button now when you scroll down. :]
Looks nice Morgan!
Thanks James!
looks amazing man! love the layout, good job
I like it... especially the misconceptions well stated.


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