Hi guys I am starting the process of making Think Atheist into a non profit organization and I would like you to be a part of the process. This is the current Trade name

The Think Atheist Foundation

This is the question:
1.Please further describe the specific purposes for which your non-profit will be formed.

(basic response I have right now)
To break the misconceptions about atheism. (this is where you can fill in your thoughts/ideas here :]

2. Please describe your organization's social or civic activities. (this is what I have so far)

The advancement of education or science, the elimination of prejudice and discrimination, the promotion and development of the arts, and the relief of the poor or underprivileged.

If you have any questions or ideas please leave them here.

Thanks for your support guys! Remember this is only possible because of your generous donations!

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"The advancement of education AND science"...
maybe something about the community aspect as in providing a forum for atheists, particularly those isolated in religious communities/families....
and support for those newly become atheists.
What do you think about making the answer to the first question a more positive one?

e.g. To explore and advance concepts of atheism.

And the second one:

I'd eliminate lots of the "the"s and replace each "or" with an "and":

Advancement of education and science; Elimination of prejudice and discrimination; Promotion and development of the arts; and Assistance for the poor and underprivileged.
Thanks guys :]
1.Please further describe the specific purposes for which your non-profit will be formed.

To promote a positive view of atheists; to provide support and community for atheists who are unable or unwilling to seek it out in their public lives; to advance rational thinking; to defend the rights and freedoms of all people in this nation and others

(That last bit might be too much.)

2. Please describe your organization's social or civic activities. (this is what I have so far)

The Think Atheist Foundation strives to facilitate the exchange of ideas. We use these ideas to advance education, promote scientific curiosity, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, encourage creativity, and inspire generosity toward the underprivileged. We believe one idea can help change the world. This is why we Think Atheist. (Or something like that.)
Very nice! The first answer reads very well, except perhaps the last segment...What about "to defend the rights and freedoms of non-religious expression worldwide", or something like that.

And the second answer is spectacular!
Let me suggest you take a look at the statements of purpose and other documents available from other similar organizations. One that comes immediately to mind is the Atheist Community of Austin (TX) which is a registered non profit educational organization. The form of the non profit will be determined both by the location in which its registered and the type of activities you intend to offer.

For example, registering as an educational foundation versus as an advocacy organization will likely have different legal (read: tax) consequences. The link below gives you the basics on ACA and also has a link to a number of other organizations of a similar mind that you might want to review.

Let me also suggest that you contact established organizations such as ACA or others, or do a bit more investigation among local members to see if you might not have access to some real legal assistance willing to work pro-bono.

Thanks Peregrine for the heads up! I really appreciate your input! I will be sure to look into it.


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