The effect of the just-released Supreme Court decision is to give gays equal rights under the law, effectively undermining DOMA. 

They cited the Equal Protection clause, so this wasn't decided on a states rights basis. It has the effect of Federal law. 

Now, gays can apply for benefits which had been limited to heterosexual couples under DOMA. 

DOMA is gone!

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Some of the grey areas left by the Supreme Court's decision yesterday, might be addressed if the new "Respect for Marriage Act" passes through the Legislature.  Here is a short synopsis.

Great. Now we just need marriage equality in all 50 states. It should be easy to do since this ruling suggests that there is no relevant difference between gay and straight couples in terms of marriage. This ruling makes it a lot more possible for the courts to decide even in my home state of Alabama that both straight and gay couples should be able to enjoy the full benefits of marriage.

While I still can't get married because I live in Texas, this decision does mean that I can go to another state that does allow it, and it will still count when I get back home. Now we just have to get them to work on the Patriot Act, and The Citizens United decision. Maybe we'll get lucky and a some of the older, more butthurt ones will die off and we'll get some actual American's in the Supreme court, rather than these right and left wingers.


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