The effect of the just-released Supreme Court decision is to give gays equal rights under the law, effectively undermining DOMA. 

They cited the Equal Protection clause, so this wasn't decided on a states rights basis. It has the effect of Federal law. 

Now, gays can apply for benefits which had been limited to heterosexual couples under DOMA. 

DOMA is gone!

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I'm shocked when I see a bare ankle.

LOL just kidding. Things change and it's nice to see some good changes.

They've also killed Prop 8! The walls have crashed down in California: full marriage equality in that state!

Finally they did something good. Although they did kill a prominent part of the Voting Rights Act.

Well, they killed the prior scrutiny thing for select states in the case of VR. It's still illegal to discriminate. It just means that once a discriminatory law is passed, someone will need to take it to court, which I'm sure will happen.

Somebody post some reaction vids of pissed of homophobes. Let's have a laugh.

Look at the vacant expression on the hateful bastard's face. It's hitting him.

Can't force... religious views... on minority group.... anymore. I'm an arch-conservative... in a changing America... soon I'll be irrelevant... *Upper lip quivers a bit*

Ah! I live for this moment!

John Boehner ‘disappointed’ with DOMA ruling

Twitter feed for Bryan Fischer.

The comments on it are fucking fantastic.

Thanks, that had me chuckling.  Evidently today is not a good day to express your homophobia, Mr Fischer.

It did not take long for the tea baggers and right wingers to go to the microphones and lament the existent of unelected judges.  What drivel.  The Supreme Court is established in the constitution and on purpose they were made judges for life and were unelected.  They have made some mistakes in the past, but for the most part I am glad they are there.

The Court puts a rein on Congress.

The thing is, the Supreme Court is likely to lose at least one judge in what remains of Obama's term and the Republicans will use every tactic possible to keep him from getting a liberal judge into the Court.

It should be noted that the Supremes basically punted on the California Prop 8 (antigay marriage) decision. They did let the lower court ruling invalidating the law stand, but the basis wasn't constitutional. Rather, they decided that the party bringing the appeal had no standing in the Supreme Court.

What does "standing" (actually "legal standing") mean? From Wikipedia:

"In law, standing or locus standi is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party's participation in the case. Standing exists from one of three causes:" (more)

In effect, the court asked "Why are you here? Do you have a dog in this fight?" and decided that they were the wrong type of party to bring the suit.

I think the DOMA decision strongly hints what will eventually happen when the right party brings the Prop 8 appeal, but for now the state court ruling stands.



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