The effect of the just-released Supreme Court decision is to give gays equal rights under the law, effectively undermining DOMA. 

They cited the Equal Protection clause, so this wasn't decided on a states rights basis. It has the effect of Federal law. 

Now, gays can apply for benefits which had been limited to heterosexual couples under DOMA. 

DOMA is gone!

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Ahaha! Oh, I love that movie.

WE FUCKING WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife and I are overwhelmed.  This has such a significant impact on us personally.  I'm here on a work permit that expires next July (2014).  We had no idea how we would go forward after that - renewal of work permits is arbitrary at best.  Now there's no getting rid of me!


yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Strega congrats!

Given that their previous rulings this term have had a conservative tinge, I really had my doubts it'd go this way. However, I'm glad for you and all gays.

They're talking about a similar situation right now on MSNBC.

It's like you are in the news..., but not really.

Happily, many of us here would never find our motivation to put you and yours on the next plane back. 'getting rid of me!' No time soon I expect!  

I talked with my mother about this this morning. She seemed all upset about people kissing each other in public! What scandal!

I suggested I would exchange violence and public meanness for kissing any day! No I am just not that way...;p)


I'm shocked when I see a bare ankle.

LOL just kidding. Things change and it's nice to see some good changes.

Finally they did something good. Although they did kill a prominent part of the Voting Rights Act.

Well, they killed the prior scrutiny thing for select states in the case of VR. It's still illegal to discriminate. It just means that once a discriminatory law is passed, someone will need to take it to court, which I'm sure will happen.

Somebody post some reaction vids of pissed of homophobes. Let's have a laugh.


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