Yes, it's nothing new with these people:
destroying our freedom of speech to "protect" the children.
The case that has made it all the way to the Supreme Court is this:
Violence in video games is making our children go bonkers and is detrimental to their health- so what do they want?
Outlaw them for children under the warranted age.

In a nutshell, they don't mind the government raising their kids so they don't have to.
This coming from the same people who don't want the government in any aspect of their lives.

The clincher is this- they actually are suggesting that we make "an exception" to the first amendment to satisfy their new law.
But here's my question: how far shall we go?
Shall we stop at games, or should we keep going to movies, books and any other media that has the slightest hint of violence in it?
98% of media has some form of conflict/violence, ranging from cartoon violence to more mature violence.
So once we allow ONE exception, what stops a second, a third or fourth exception?

Where's the love for our first amendment?
We the people are putting tape over our own mouths!

The gaming industry has already acted responsibly by placing ESRB ratings on every game out there; it's the PARENTS' jobs to pay attention to what their children are playing.

Games don't kill people, people kill people.
In all the instances where young' uns went postal, there was several catalysts that WEREN'T game related.

Like the kids being subjected to constant bullying, consistent mental issues...things like that.

It's time for the parents to step up and take responsibility for what they do (or fail to do) as parents. 

THEY have to know what is good for their children; it's not the governments' job, nor is it the gaming industries' responsibility to censor their own artists just so a few parents can sit on their ass and stick their kid in front of a TV without having to think any further than that. 

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There really isn't any convincing proof that video games actually cause more violent behavior anyway. There may be some correlation, but correlation doesn't equal causation. Maybe people who already have violent tendencies are simply drawn to violent video games. I and all my friends played violent video games growing up, and now we are all average, functioning adults.


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