Bigfoot, ghosts, aliens, the loch ness monster all of these are similar with only a few differences. People will always tell you how “I saw a seven ft. tall hairy animal deep in the woods, so it must be Bigfoot! I know it’s Bigfoot, what else could it be”?


When you’re in your room at night and the door creaks open, and as if someone else had to be present to open the door you assume that it’s the deceased daughter of the previous owner (owner of the house, not the daughter lol. Well maybe in some countries <_<).


When you see a flashing light in the sky, that may be moving in wonky directions assume that green aliens want to abduct and give you an old fashion anal probe.


When you’re in the lake and you witness the tail of an animal, you assume that it’s a colossal sea giant lurking beneath your small fishing boat.


Anyone ever notice that any "Evidence" such as video footage, or photographs are always blurry/vague/unclear in the first place?


This is just silly superstition, and there is not one spec of physical clear evidence to prove any of these theories, yet so many people still believe that these creatures exist. I mean yes there are always going to be testimonies from witnesses, but why should I believe them? The possibilities are endless, and I can’t see how anyone’s first conclusion is that IT HAS to be ‘X’.


Bigfoot could be a bear, a man dressed as an ape, or a really tall homeless person.

Ghosts from photographs could be mere light distortions, the wind that opens your door, or a mouse underneath your staircase. A UFO could be a helicopter, military aircraft, or that green man could be your friendly neighborhood pedophile.  


But you see, I have just made many conclusions by myself without even thinking about them. And this is exactly how religion is made. I don’t claim to know the answer for how the universe was created (X). Instead I reject ‘X’ and anyone’s story for ‘X’.  


Empirical evidence is seriously lacking here, and I can’t see how any of these could go unnoticed for decades (Whereas Christianity has been around for 2 millenniums. And this is disregarding the 35,000 denominations).


Let’s hypothetically say that bigfoot was standing two feet in front of me, staring with the most malevolent and hungry eyes. My first thought would be what drugs have been slipped in my drink, and lastly I would be to cut off his ballsack and use it for fishing bait. But just because bigfoot was real, didn’t mean that I’d want to get down on my knees and worship one who suffers from multiple personality disorders with a very dark history of rape, murder, and extreme bigotry.


Believe in ‘X’ all you want, just don’t expect anyone to follow bigfootolicism if you’re arguments are seriously lacking any backbone. 


My question to you is this; how are any of these sightings any different from "The truth", or your God?

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The better question is - who the hell cares if those thing DO exist?


So far , they have not had any effects on how we treat our children or justify wars.  


When you begin to think that 'BigFoot' is really the Ghost of an Alien ... And this Ghost speaks to you ... And told you a story about how it sacrificed himself to save you from it's Alien race which was going to annihilate the human species unless it proved the value of our life as a species by dieing a brutal death ... 


But not only that ... you put forth you actually have a PAPER DOCUMENT that cannot be shown to anyone ... for it is written in the document that the Earth will explode from the Alien race detonating a bomb .... 


But not ONLY THAT ... the document also tells you that you need to convert to this belief ... and if you don't convert to the belief ... the Alien race will steal your bodies from the grave and revive them in a lab and torture you forever for your lack of belief ... 


But not ONLY THAT ... the document also tells you that this alien race Loves you because it allowed one of it's alien members to sacrifice themselves to save all of you ... just that they are offended if you don't except their 'alien saviour' so they have will punish you ...


How is this any different than Christianity?  



Some one very close to me likes to say when we argue about my atheism that I'm practically calling her a liar because I denounce the possibility of anything supernatural or spiritual.  She says that she's experienced supernatural occurrences and that she knows what she saw/felt/experienced to be real whether I know it or not. 


So it seems to me that a person may not be able to prove that you are wrong as an atheist, but they will tell you that you can't prove their supernatural experiences do not exist, including god.  Because they "know what they saw/felt/experienced to be true whether you believe it or not." 


You can never really stump a believer with this question because they will always say the everything else is fake, but their "God" is true and they "feel" with their "faith" that he is "real". 


Honestly, I don't know how they can keep living in a lie, but they do it and do it blatantly out in the open and now may possibly kill you for disagreeing with them.  (RIP Asia McGowan).


Usually a 'personal experience' is just a selfish way to say they got lucky with something - But the millions of children who suffer everyday of starvation and disease somehow weren't being 'looked after'.  


I find the personal experience argument to be the most repulsive.  It implies they think they are special.  That the creator of the universe specifically has them in mind .... 


The experience is usually some dumb experience anyway.  "I got in a car accident and the doctors said I should have died ... but I didn't."  What they don't point at to you is that the opposing car had 2 children who both died painful and long drawn out deaths ... or something similar.  


I give them my personal experiences.  When I was 5 , I fell into an alligator swamp.  I didn't know how to swim.  A friend saw me and helped me out with a big branch.  


When I was 7 I climbed really high into a tree - about 30 feet - the top branch snapped and I began to tumble - but was able to latch on to a few branches mid way down - and finally caught myself on a larger one.  This happened to me again when I was older - cause I liked climbing trees.  


Last year I slipped on a wet road at 40 MPH and got launched 30 feet off the side of the road missing a few telephone polls.  



Out of 6 billion homosapiens in the world - A few are bound to be lucky. It's that simple.


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