I was thinking today about politics, and specifically how in August, the presidential race will be heating up as the parties have their conventions. I was reflecting on all the current happenings in the American political sphere in the last 6 months. There has been a considerable talk about: The Ridiculous Polarization of Politics, Healthcare, Unemployment, Reduction of Union Rights, Immigration, Birth Control, LGBT rights, Spending Cuts, Reducing the Debt, and Job Growth, but there are so many more important issues that just aren't being talked about and that no one seems concerned with doing anything about.

Our failing infrastructure.

Lack of sustainable practices that will lead to end on non-renewable resources.

Our inability to do anything about anthropogenic climate change.

Long term effects of water pollution from industrial practices and accidents.

Lack of impetus of Americans to receive preventative medical care or to be more concerned about health generally.

The failure of our education system to encourage scientific thought and science-based curriculum.

The overcrowding of our schools and high dropout rates.

A general trend of increased costs associated with higher education.

Failure to combat illegal drug and weapons trade.

Highest rates of incarceration in world.

Growing inequality between highest and lowest incomes.

A federal tax code that needs to be overhauled.

Too many cities and states going into huge debt and are unable to pay public workers.

The failure of our financial regulation and inability to create meaningful legislation to protect people.

The corrupting influence of corporate money on our democratic institutions.

As you can see, I've got a laundry list going, but I'm curious to know what other issues everyone else is concerned with that aren't seeing the light of day. Anyone have anything else to add to the list?

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Is it possible that Capitalism is the root cause of all of the above?

There are quite a few reasons behind why these problems exist. I think that's too simplistic of an answer to just say "it's capitalism," and that puts the blame singularly on a system rather than the people involved in that system. Capitalism/Communism (and other economic/sociopolitical ideologies) form a basic guideline for what rules should be made and how people should interact. How people decide to follow those guidelines is not necessarily relevant to what those guidelines are.

No matter what your thoughts are on the causes, I'm more concerned first with more specific societal issues that people face and the differing perspectives that people have for what those issues are. There are so many problems affecting people's lives, but so little headway seems to be made in fixing anything.

It is unclear if 'capitalism' is at falt, but the psycological effects of capitalism on its practiciers could be. If we enlarge profit above social responsibility, and 'the killing' above ethics, capitalism can become more than just a method of resource allocation/exchange.

It is unclear if capitalism is or can be an ethical model, but with a re-focus maybe. My general attitude is that corporations exist as a support for the human population, not as a profit generator for the few. Once we link corporations to profit and treat the human population as only a source of labor, we start turning the corporate 'machine' into an oppressor. The recent rulling on 'corporate personhood' seems to suggest that a major over reach has been writen into the constitution, and the decay of democracy/the republic has accelerated.


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