I just came across a website that showed pictures of broken artifacts and it felt as if i had been punched in the gut.

The art treasures arent just egypts artifacts but important for the whole world in my opinion.

I feel so very sorry for  Dr. Zahi Hawass it must feel like hearing your child has just died.

You can see the grief on his face.

How can people be so brutal and senseless, those people have no heart :(

Here's the link to the site i came across that mentioned it http://templeofmut.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/pharaohs-mummies-burnt-...

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Hmm no sorry, i got this link on twitter from a fellow atheist (@kelltrill) , ill check if i can find anything more legit.

And your right, it's indeed not a website i would goto for trustworthy news.

Strange that zahi hawass would say that al jazeera is not trustworthy, i read in our local newspaper today that al jazeera was on the protestors side.
You may be right about that aye, although he seems to be the best person to represent the egyptian archeology society, so perhaps they will keep him in place after the whole thing is over.

Hmm i mostly know him from programs on Discovery and he seemed a very likeable guy, but there has indeed been quite a bit of criticism on him :

Hawass has been widely accused of domineering behaviour, forbidding archaeologists to announce their own findings, and courting the media for his own gain after they were denied access to archaeological sites because, according to Hawass, they were too amateurish.[28] Others however, including several Egyptologists, have said in interviews that most of what Hawass has done for the field was long overdue.[28] Hawass has typically ignored or dismissed his critics, and when asked about it, he indicated that what he does is for the sake of Egypt and the preservation of its antiquities.[29] Hawass has instituted a systematic program for the preservation and restoration of historical monuments, while training Egyptians to improve their expertise on methods of excavation, retrieval and preservation.[30]


Thats from wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zahi_Hawass

I guess it just goes to show that it's better to do more research before posting stuff hehe

Hmm now i dont know what to believe really, is there or isnt there damage to the museum ?
I hope it's propaganda indeed, it would be a sad loss if anything was indeed stolen or broken, it could never be replaced.

Thanks for the update Adriana, very interesting article.

Glad to see the artifacts seem to be safe.

You have to be very careful with this type of information. Things aren't always as they seem in war. You can't really know at this point. There are accusations that, and according to ElBaradei documents proving this, that policemen out of uniform do what in the US is known as cointelpro tactics.

The propaganda war is on full throttle, fought on several levels trying to manufacture consent about the reasonableness and "moderation" of Mubarak contra the barbaric hordes that march against him, the evil Muslim Brotherhood who is secretly behind it all (neocon line), the need for "stability" and "order" (establishment-liberal line) and none of the parties engaged in propaganda is representing the Egyptian people so that is why they understand they have to protect themselves against Mubarak's police thugs smashing up museums in order to feed the propaganda machine.

He can ofcourse by now see which way the wind is blowing and probably hopes that in the new regime he can still hold on to his prominent position.
Actually there is a great damage !!! I am from Morocco and I have been following the news since the first day of the revolution . The museum  lost so many priceless  pieces unfortunately .

hi , sorry for the late reply , i m not  used yet to this website ...

 ok Adriana , as I said my soul source waas the news ...either AL Jazira news or Al Arabiya news ... I watch them both and  it was declared that burgalars stole many pieces  from nside the museum .

  Actually , Egypt is known for its Mafia of artifacts  wether ....this is not new for egypt .


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