I was rooting through the bargain bin at my local book store and found Dear Mr. Darwin: Letters on the Evolution of Life and Human Nature by Gabriel Dover. I'm only about halfway through it and I get the feeling that this guy does not only disagree with the Selfish Gene Theory but also has a personal dislike of Richard Dawkins. He feels Dawkins should apologize to all his fellow biologists for coming up with such inane drivel. Maybe Dover is just POed because his book is in the bargain bin while Dawkins is still being translated into more languages.

My biology background is limited to dissecting flat worms in high school a gazillion years ago so both this book and The Selfish Gene fly a few feet over my head. I feel like I'm reading something in a different language where I only know enough words to get the main gist of the story (or think I am and may be missing the point entirely).

Could someone with a biology background give me the Cliff Note version of the difference between the two theories in a manner that an average person (that would be me) might understand. I've tried Google and the Richard Dawkins website but all the explanations I find seem to be written in the same language as the books so I have to read, reread and reread again.

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I am starting to conclude that there just isn't a layman's language sufficient to describe biological processes and theories at this level. The vocabulary just doesn't exist or in the dumbing down process the essence of the idea is blurred.

There does seem to be a general consensus (excluding Creationists) with natural selection and neutral genetic drift but after that the theories get divergent and the arguments heated. Am I reading this right?

I think I'm either going to have to devote the time necessary to understand this subject or, having given it a shot, admit that it is over my head.
According to this chart, Synapsida is the eve & adam of all mammals and therefore homo sapien. The Permian Extinction is being cast out of the garden of eden.


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