Although I've always wanted this particular superhuman power, I've never been very good at detecting other men's sexual orientation. Findings from a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, however, suggest I may be underestimating my gaydar abilities.

The January 2008 study investigated people's ability to identify homosexual men from pictures of their faces alone. In an initial experiment, researchers Nicholas Rule and Nalini Ambady from Tufts University perused online dating sites and carefully selected 45 straight male faces and 45 gay male faces. All of these photos were matched for orientation (only faces shown looking forward were used) and facial alterations (none of the images contained jewelry, glasses or facial hair). To control for context, the faces were also cut and pasted onto a white background for the study. These 90 faces were then shown to 90 participants in random order, who were asked simply to judge the target's "probable sexual orientation" (gay or straight) by pressing a button. Surprisingly, all participants (both men and women) scored above chance on this gaydar task, correctly identifying the gay faces. Even more surprisingly, accuracy rate was just as good when the images were exposed at a rapid rate of only 50 milliseconds, which offered participants no opportunity to consciously process the photo. (read Scientific American article)

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I think you may be misinterpreting the openness of discussion on sensitive issues here at TA. I've seen a few genuine jerks here say hateful or prejudicial things, but not so far in this thread.

Taking what you're saying, and seeing your experience, I'll bet we're all on the same page as far as empathy for marginalized people. Are your co-workers discouraged from talking this openly?

Of course you can! You can spot whether you're gay yourself by looking at photos of hot men.

lol, kOrsan. To see the world through your eyes...

I don't think anyone here judges people due to their homo/heterosexuality, so let's just stop flaunting our lack of prejudice and get back to the subject.

Thank you! I was waiting for someone to bring up their 'black gay friend.'

Hmm, I said that differently, above, before reading this. There are some threads (like this one) that are too hard for me to keep quiet, before reading the entire thread.

There are "straight looking" gay men, then there are "gay looking" straight men. I think this experiment would fail with a large enough sample space. 

Stereo types aren't universal however. I'm constantly having to inform people that I'm gay whenever I'm asked if I have a girl friend. Apparently, I look straight. :/

LOL! Touche...

Toll-free 1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)

One of my daughters friends is a openly gay 19 year old boy. He stayed at our home for a week while he did community service, to complete his requirement for college entrance. He worked at the New York City GLBT Crisis Center. He told me that he handled a ton of calls from kids his age. 

BTW: He's double majoring in Physics and Classical Voice. He got a perfect score on his SAT's. Man I'm proud of that boy...

And I've been asked (just once) if I was gay. I was doing commercial softcore porn photography and the female model asked me after a while if I was gay. Surprised, I asked why. "Because you never get a boner," she said. I told her that years ago when I first started doing softcore, I got them. After a while, it was just a job. I've worked with over 300 girls in such situations. One gets inured to it after a while.

I always wonder if people can tell by looking at me. Sometimes it feels like it's sooooo obvious. My Grandma even thought I was a lesbian. But most of the time, I feel like it never crosses anyone's mind. I knew a gay man who assumed I was straight even though I'd been active with our lgbt group for two years. I once sat across from a gay man at an atheist gathering who was the talk of the table because of his orientation (it was all positive talk), thinking, 'what the hell?' It seems like I need to be sporting a dyke haircut (gah) to catch they eye of any queer ladies--true story.

I can spot gay men fine, but the ladies throw me for a loop, unless they're butch and sensual...which doesn't happen a lot. This really pisses me off, now that I'm thinking about it.

Not always so what , it is not a diease and if you allow yourself to be with gay , you may be . otherwise who cares , if they are gays or not ,some people are gays get over it!!!!


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