I believe God himself would like me to ask this question:

What do you call the science of disproving God? If you don't believe He exists, what kind of study can you possibly concoct to disprove his existence?

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This is so simple, yet so true....it never gets old! :)
I'm so tired of responding to the same ridiculous questions over and over again with simple answers that still somehow completely escape the person to whom I'm responding. I'm not sure if visual aids will help these people, but they certainly amuse me.

The funniest thing is that I've started using these IRLz too. The last time someone threw the "can't disprove x" at me I responded by yelling, "I HAS A BASEBALL!!! YOU CAN'T PROVE I DON'T!"
funny, but not all of us are like that.some of us do like jesus did he would say him that hath ear let him hear.if you don't want to listen thats your choice but as long as i did my part of telling you repent and turn from your sins cause the kingdom of god is at hand.
Aaaaaaaaaah... good old common sense. I use to like that word - and indeed, it belongs to the rational and intelligent - but FOX news uses that word so much, they tainted "common sense" like a 6-year-old virgin raped by 5 Osama Bin Ladens. And that 6-year-old was a boy.
Of course the religious have to demonstrate the existence of religious truths.They claim they represent reality,but the evidence is depressingly thin.I like Victor Stenger saying we can with reasonable certainty say that it's disproved.I honestly think it's disproved for real.After listening to Steven Weinberg,Lawrence Krauss,Victor Stenger a good while now..I have much more faith in intelligent,highly educated respect people as these guys.
Then listening to guys like William Lane Craig that just use fussy words about the universe thrown in with some philisophy and that should be it.Alot of people buy into alot of what Dr.Craig state because his got confidence,don't let him trick you.For all we know there might be intelligent creatures with highly advanced technology that made all this:D who knows? just the fact that we have science at all is amazing! that we even have a tool to work with discovering these bigger questions.
By the way why is god not a women? Just proves that it's man-made :D
I'm not sure that god not being a woman proves anything, beyond the fact that in the 50/50 chance of genders, male was the result.

Not that I disagree with your point at all - just the logic behind it.
He meant it as satire and not a serious logical argument, and I applaud it.
Logically, God shouldn't have a gender at all. In fact, I'm positive that originally "he" wasn't meant to, they simply referred to "him" as male because of the masculine nature of the language and it carried on through translations, the same as English where the male pronoun dominates for most situations.

Why does God need a penis? That's the only defining characteristic of a male is the genitalia (you could say hormones, but why would God have those either?). The only logical conclusion to any existing deity is that it is entirely without any association to gender whatsoever. So I can't look at that as 50/50 chance of genders.
Men were just really egotistic during ancient times.
Ha, I think it runs a lot deeper than that, and you're being too kind. I think females are genetically superior in the context of modern times, plain and simple. Perhaps male egotism was most effective while hunting for food and later for building civilizations. But there's still a lot of legacy in those genes that express male dominance, if not occasional, blatant destruction.

I'm not saying we can't culturally rise above what's built into us. I'm just saying we still have a lot of work to do.


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