I was going to post this under the "Sick Political News", but this deserves its own discussion.


Naturally, Palin's camp is scrambling for some possible defense they would like to hurl back at the Democrats to see if they can create a distraction from the fact that this woman was on her political "hit list." Do I think Sarah Palin wanted Giffords to die? No, I don't. I think she was trying to play up her gun toting, Alaska maverick, pro-revolution shtick. The people who actually listen to the right though, do not understand nuance, and this psychotic saw Giffords as an enemy of the people. Did she want her to die? No, but she is ethically responsible.


There are a few other "differences" between what Palin did and the DNC's chart. The Democrats identified ENTIRE STATES that Bush won back in 2004 by a slim margin of percentage. Their bulls eyes indicate places where they want to campaign heavily for Obama in 2008. Palin identifies specific districts and a specific CAUSE with "districts we carried that voted for the healthcare bill." Most importantly, Sarah Palin identifies names. She puts out a list of names using rhetoric like "Time to Take a Stand", and gun sights. This the lamest attempt at false equivalency that I have seen yet.


EDIT: I also want to add that the link above is dishonest for the reason that it does not contain the full add. It "intelligently (?)" photoshops it to just include the map. The full hit list can be seen by searching in google or here:


FOLLOW UP: I left a comment on above linked blog, but was told it would appear after approval. Since there are 0 comments so far on the article, I imagine that the response to his "defense" would be overwhelmingly negative and ridiculing.

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Meh, I don't think I want to give her any more of my time. She's going down. Just thought I'd post in case you ran into this bullshit on Twitter like I did.


It's very frustrating to see people quote personal responsibility and then take no responsibility.

I share your conviction that Palin shouldn't get any extra media attention for this.


However I fully expect her to attempt to grab some of the spotlight, perhaps in some sort of backlash, because of her record as a self-aggrandizing media mogul.

When reading that blog, I kept thinking who reads this crap. I'm often unaware of what the radical left is doing, much less the radical right. The petty focus on military aphorisms and symbology (to me) is practically satirical instead of serious. The Onion could take this and fly with it.

So let the radicals take slapstick potshots at each other. Perhaps the polarized political/ideological atmosphere is partly responsible for shootings in AZ, but even those tragedies are overblown in the media. Once again I tune in to see ceremonies and dramatic celebration of how great all the murdered people were, but the same number of kids alone die every fricken day from firearms. (See CDC statistics, if interested.) And unexpected deaths by other causes is even higher. Who cares, right?

I'm just hoping, someday the bozos won't be given so much stage time. I would even vote for Palin in a primary if I could. I hope all the whackos on the right come out and cannibalize.

Sorry to come off that way, folks. Say, is there any way this story can be fun and interesting, as opposed to blood-boiling? I don't want to rain on parades, but this mugshot is interesting!

I'd post the mugshot here if I could be sure it is somehow not copyrighted. I think it's not, so if someone knows for sure that it's ok to post, please do.

I mean seriously, wouldn't Satan himself look like this, right after murdering people and getting caught?

Typical for people to try and blame the individual instead of the system. As if being mentally challenged absolved right-wingers from constantly displaying and suggesting violent behaviour. Isn't that violent rhetoric most dangerous in the minds of the mentally challenged to begin with?
In all seriousness, the first thing that I thought when I saw it was, "Huh. Glenn Back shaved his head."
Yes , this is very peculiar indeed. Thanks for the links, I wanted to check out more of this.

I'm trying very hard to not come to a conclusion here. This could all be a coincidence , could it not? The killer may not even know who Palin is.

If the killer is somehow connected to Palin or the movement she endorses then serious repercussions are going to be had.

I also found a quote from Palin allegedly saying "Don't retreat! RELOAD!"

The gun sights on the map are one thing ... adding specific names below the gun sights is an entire different political game.

Yeah, I have to agree with you that it's still too soon to say if Loughner was at all influenced by Palin's (or anyone else's) thinly veiled attempts to incite anger and violence.  Maybe it always will be.


Despite this, I'll still gladly hold my breath for those "serious repercussions" that you spoke of.

what did she say?
Sharron Angle has a plethora of hate filled rhetoric. Check out what she said regarding abortions too. As Roger Waters would say, she's a Pig on the Wing.

Not just odd, that is outright disgusting.  


That little girl could have been the first female president for all we know, how could someone be so cold hearted as to compare her to Hitler.  

Holy crap! Thanks so much for your hard work in bringing that very fascinating post to us here at TA! Riveting!


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