I was going to post this under the "Sick Political News", but this deserves its own discussion.


Naturally, Palin's camp is scrambling for some possible defense they would like to hurl back at the Democrats to see if they can create a distraction from the fact that this woman was on her political "hit list." Do I think Sarah Palin wanted Giffords to die? No, I don't. I think she was trying to play up her gun toting, Alaska maverick, pro-revolution shtick. The people who actually listen to the right though, do not understand nuance, and this psychotic saw Giffords as an enemy of the people. Did she want her to die? No, but she is ethically responsible.


There are a few other "differences" between what Palin did and the DNC's chart. The Democrats identified ENTIRE STATES that Bush won back in 2004 by a slim margin of percentage. Their bulls eyes indicate places where they want to campaign heavily for Obama in 2008. Palin identifies specific districts and a specific CAUSE with "districts we carried that voted for the healthcare bill." Most importantly, Sarah Palin identifies names. She puts out a list of names using rhetoric like "Time to Take a Stand", and gun sights. This the lamest attempt at false equivalency that I have seen yet.


EDIT: I also want to add that the link above is dishonest for the reason that it does not contain the full add. It "intelligently (?)" photoshops it to just include the map. The full hit list can be seen by searching in google or here:


FOLLOW UP: I left a comment on above linked blog, but was told it would appear after approval. Since there are 0 comments so far on the article, I imagine that the response to his "defense" would be overwhelmingly negative and ridiculing.

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They would be wise not to... don't even have to look that far back for counters. The governor of Pakistan was just gunned down for religious reasons a week ago, by his own bodyguard no less.

Right. I meant a governor in Pakistan. My bad.

The Giffords Shooting's Gay Hispanic Intern Hero...


But I thought they were all illegals! And Gays aren't real people! AAAAAAAARGH! (Authoritarian Mind Fail)


*NOTE* I will henceforth be making a concerted effort to replace Right Wing with Authoritarian in my vocabulary.

At least they're consistent. They're definitely reloading.

For anyone who's interested, here is the shooter's YouTube page:


His videos talk about mind control and brainwashing.  Yeah.....

I saw this map some time ago on her site and thought it was very distasteful.  I completely forgot about the map even after hearing the news concerning the Arizona shootings.  Honestly I can't say much surprises me concerning her and her party anymore.

My sincere condolences ...


Well ms. Palin, since you put the word 'sincere' in the apology , I guess we have to believe you!?


(Could her apology be any more silent and cold?  Even a robot could fake it better than she could.)  

Ugh, it doesn't matter if he was a palinite or not! She targeted Giffords with violent rhetoric. Giffords got shot. Her intentions were "hardly a call to murder"? Perhaps in the mind of someone who can see past the jingoism and rhetoric to appreciate the nuance and metaphor it wasn't. Problem: most people of average intelligence can't. Case and point: the comment about Christina Green on her facebook page. If she doesn't want to be blamed, she shouldn't put gunsights on people.
Here is a link to UK Channel 4 coverage. There is a second video with Pat Buchanan at the bottom of the page. ahem.
The entire GOP should be prosecuted under dissemination of hate materials

I wrote this earlier today... portrays a lot of my observations about what Right Wingers are saying these days.


Put your courage to the sticking place


was it all for nought:

the desecration of the constitution by our enemy;

the ballot or the bullet;

the second amendment remedies;

the revolution?

if we should fail-

we fail.

the shot was fired.

Lexington and Concord, Arizona.

where is our Olive Branch Petition?

did you think there would be no showdown?

no lines in the sand-

no blood and sand?

"we didn't mean it that way."

"they were surveyor symbols."

"the left does the same thing."

don't retreat, reload!

all the waters of Neptune can't make our hands clean, Lady P.

Put your courage to the sticking place.

your followers are out there in the ocean

Antony's ships, floating without a general.

why are you running away?

put your courage to the sticking place,

and stand behind your crazed dogs,

your statues of liberty,

your Brownings,

your God-fearers,

your 'words of the founding fathers.'

stand behind them and fight and fall,

or I will shoot you in the back with the most powerful weapons:


like the deserters you are.

Sarah Palin has a lot to answer for. Everything she stands for seems to be about violence and her agenda.

In the UK she has just the same reputation. After seeing and hearing her during the election campaign convinced me she was unbalanced. Religion can do that to some people. Although I would not tar anyone with the same bruch unless they gave me cause to.

 I hope she has to anwser  for her actions she posted on line and not be let off the hook without an apology for posting negative things about others.

 A little girl died, look at the gun laws America.


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