I was going to post this under the "Sick Political News", but this deserves its own discussion.


Naturally, Palin's camp is scrambling for some possible defense they would like to hurl back at the Democrats to see if they can create a distraction from the fact that this woman was on her political "hit list." Do I think Sarah Palin wanted Giffords to die? No, I don't. I think she was trying to play up her gun toting, Alaska maverick, pro-revolution shtick. The people who actually listen to the right though, do not understand nuance, and this psychotic saw Giffords as an enemy of the people. Did she want her to die? No, but she is ethically responsible.


There are a few other "differences" between what Palin did and the DNC's chart. The Democrats identified ENTIRE STATES that Bush won back in 2004 by a slim margin of percentage. Their bulls eyes indicate places where they want to campaign heavily for Obama in 2008. Palin identifies specific districts and a specific CAUSE with "districts we carried that voted for the healthcare bill." Most importantly, Sarah Palin identifies names. She puts out a list of names using rhetoric like "Time to Take a Stand", and gun sights. This the lamest attempt at false equivalency that I have seen yet.


EDIT: I also want to add that the link above is dishonest for the reason that it does not contain the full add. It "intelligently (?)" photoshops it to just include the map. The full hit list can be seen by searching in google or here:


FOLLOW UP: I left a comment on above linked blog, but was told it would appear after approval. Since there are 0 comments so far on the article, I imagine that the response to his "defense" would be overwhelmingly negative and ridiculing.

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ANyone who'd defend the murder of this child because she might have grown up to a liberal and then made a reff to killing hitler as a child has forfeited any right to be treated like a human being.

Here's some more quotes that will need to be walked back under CYA:

"American people need to be ARMED and DANGEROUS" - Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachman

"Take them out, either by the ballot or BULLET" - Tea Party

"I hope that's not where we're going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and saying my goodness what can we do to turn this country around?"- Sharron Angle


The shooter is a registered Republican. Can you hear the spin machines revving up?

Where the hell did you find that? That is amazing! Is that public domain?
I forgot where I found it, I followed some twitter links from news sources. Sorry to post something that was faked, I didn't know at the time.

Well, from what I've been seeing on the news, it was pre-planned. He even called it "an assassination." I think his condition may have made him more susceptible to influence, but that's pure speculation on my part.


At the very least, I think the outrage over violent rhetoric (whether it can be applied to the shooter or not) has come to a head and needs to be dealt with. It seems like a lot of people have had enough.

Well, let's face it, that bitch needs defenders, to protect her from the consequences of all the stupid things she does and says.




She has long been an eco-terrorist as well as a general dumb-ass, but leave it to Palin to stoop to new lows. This trumps her wolf campaign and her Cook Inlet stunts by quite a bit!


That brought tears to my eyes. Good find Doone.
FOLLOWUP: As of this post, there are still 0 published comments on that blog.

Does anybody think the right wing will attempt to trump this up as atheist terrorism?


One of Jared Lee Loughner's videos quoted on the Fox News web site contains this:

"No! I won't trust in god!"


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